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What is on data straight here from trade tech tips in this video I'll be taking a look at in desk lamp now that might not sound very interesting but this des Plantes has some cool tricks up its sleeve and I think this makes it a really nice descent to have because it combines.

Many features into one star you further ado let's jump right into the video [Music]. Okay.

Here's a desk lamp and first glance is published look like and that's finally on and on and in the boss of this catches excellent with the wires connected to power living.

I plugged in Sony's and thank you that comes on a little blue elite let's take a look at some basic function of the land because there are some cool things in that as well because you told this best man is made of LEDs.

There's a bunch of LEDs in this strip right here and there are different colors the first time in the totally bright light tones and the cool thing about this plant is that you can go to five writing troubles so. This is a little struggle you can get after this high.

It's quite bright if you're doing a video work with some really good video like if you're using this knife at 19 a little remote expressing the goal and button and this move they can get a really nice and warm tone in our films the cool features of this plant this little boy to do some things that you might not think allow them to do. This is a legless fan and you click on it you can see a little light comes on you can hear that noise and it's a pass through speed so. This is the first mode second mode third mode as you keep the LEDs light up the evening brighter every time you go up and feed teaching them what speed you're on making this catalyst and it will turn off that's one pretty cool feature the next cool feature on this thing kanpei just ability.

This little crane neck can be adjusted to be really flexible and if you also go right and left and sideways you can have every angle you would want now let's cool future in the plans are these USB ports.

If you look at them there's two USB ports and the rated at 5 volts and 2 amps that means you can charge pretty much any tablet or phone and make that said look really clean.

There is one thing that I didn't like about this leg and that is the base of it and the problem of the base is that it's really really slippery if you put it on your desk you'll slide around if you move stuff on your desk log.

Guys. This is my video on an interesting best thing that I found in my local calls build links will be down below hit that like button if you enjoyed what you saw this was resected signing off.

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