MSD Ignition 6AL Ignition Unit

Hi I'm Todd with MSD ignition we're coming to you from our engine room of our R&D facility here in El Paso Texas you know MSD really set the standards with our 6al ignition control that's our base multiple sparking unit it's the familiar red box that you see on all the street cars strip cars the road course cars and a lot of circle track racing recently we updated the 6al for the first time in about 25 years for a total redesign of it what we did is we took the unit from an analog design updated it to an all-new digital design the digital features of the 6al give us the ability to of course make more power which everybody wants but use less energy at the same time plus we were able to put it in a smaller package where you'll see it it's actually the same footprint as the 6al but it's a little bit lower a little bit tighter another cool feature is it has a single connector built onto this.

Instead of having wires coming out of both sides of the ignition unit you'll see them all in a tidy sealed locking connector on one end of the ignition make an installation and if you want to swap it in to a different car a breeze one of the great new features that a lot of people were looking forward to on the digital 6al is that there's no more plug in our PM modules to set your limit.

You don't have to go digging in your pockets or run to the toolbox to get a different to change your rev limiter with the digital 6al there's two rotary dials right on top of the unit.

You can just tweak it and dial it by a hundred rpm increments and you're back on the road also another cool feature that the people that we talked to wanted to have on there was a built-in LED what the LED does when you turn the key on it shows that you got voltage there and when it's cranking you'll see a trigger signal going off.

MSD Ignition 6AL Ignition Unit

You ensure that you got a proper trigger signal now with the digital six al this actually replaces the old part number 64 26 al but rest assured you're getting the same quality even better performance out of the new digital unit.

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