My (Everyday) 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine | Aashna Seth

Hi guys welcome back to my channel and today's video is not about my everyday skin guaranteed my everyday morning skin guarantee you call it a big steps community because the number of products are you I'll fix.

Except infidels i'll use work very well for my skin tight i have a combination skin which means i have a very oily t-zone area that's the area around my forehead my nose and my mouth and you need product over a period of time has made me notice the difference.

It has made my skin less oily more clean and has definitely given the protection from the environment throughout day have definitely been the difference and these products are used are also natural.

Not all of them but to my knowledge some of them are 105th and natural ones i will leave the link to all of them down in the description.

My (Everyday) 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine | Aashna Seth

You can check them out if you wish to purchase them or if you need any information about them yeah.

Without further ado we can all get into this video [Applause] after I have brushed my teeth in the morning I directly move on to my skincare my first step involves cleansing I start by smashing some cold water on my face as it helps me wake up instantly I currently am using effects no ph good morning gel cleanser and my face wash this cleanser contains natural bha ingredients which helps a very gentle exfoliation while maintaining the optical skin balance at the same time I have issues with oily skin and using the splendor for some time now had helped remove the overnight both above sebum and dead cells from my skin thus making my face feel refreshed and alive my step number two is toning i use clears supper preparation facial toner to tone my skin I use this on players donor made two in one cotton pad these are face off and gentle on my skin and leave no cotton rescues unlike others I gently add the toner on my skin including my neck area this toner from claire's has various plant extracts and.

The ingredients which leaves skin super hydrating and glowing without any hesitation and sting it works for all skin types and can we rely a number of times during the day to help regain the moisture once the donor is could be absorbed it's time for a step number three as I have mentioned before I have a very oily relationship with my t-zone area and for that i use kha'zix oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion this lotion contains birth sap which helps the oil stay at bay and improve the overall texture and appearance of my skin I specifically target this on my t-zone area and blend well until absorbed completely step number four moisturizing I am in absolute love with this ritalin tree water gel by the brand on from this chair based moisturizer is very mild but at the same time very effective although it is of gel consistency it leaves no shine and stickiness and absorbs completely into the skin I start by patting the product onto my skin followed by a gentle massage this gel is five times richer in vitamin E which helps you de-stress skin against outer causes of sensitivity and boost the secretion of toxic waste deep inside the skin this moisturizer has completely changed the way I look at making my skin feel soft and hydrated step size is all about protection and it is one of the most important steps of my skincare routine Claire Smith a blue Sun lotion has 40 plus SPF which protects my skin from the harsh UV rays as well as provides protection from direct heat thus guarding my skin from all the radiations on application it might appear Bay to write on your skin but once fully absorbed it's white color turns transparent.

Do not worry about the stickiness and white residues as they all disappear after absorption and my last step involves taking care of my lips nobody likes dry chapped lips neither do i I use carmex lip balm with SPF 15 just like my face my lips do deserve that extra care from the heat waves this lip balm glides on smoothly and helps in keeping my lips soft and hydrated this stuff is also very cool and it contains camphor and mentos which gives that fresh minty feeling to my lips.

That is it for my sixth step skincare routine super easy and effective.

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