My Fake Tan Routine

So today guys you might be asking yourself why is Lauren semi naked on YouTube we probably won't be singing title but today I'm going to do a video that I was requested to me I did put a post up and certainly in a day and I said to you guys like weeks ago before I went away that I would be youtubing more when I had my room decorated which has since happened.

I'm really happy because I look like I have the Rings and 15 year old anymore it is very a plain and white and freshen under the knife.

I thought I would start off by making a video that was requested a few of you guys have asked me recently on my Instagram post and tweeted me about doing this video and that's my tanning routine.

At the moment I am I know I let me just get on camera but I am quite tanned my face isn't as dark as my body because I do exfoliate my face a lot more than I do my body obviously if you're going on Sundays which I do do as well as tanning which I know is bad for you but that's just that's just me I don't like FaceTime to look too unnatural and I find that if I have a few songbirds with my fake time when it comes off it doesn't look.

My Fake Tan Routine

Bad because my skin isn't.

Fair underneath and I like my time to be really dark that's just my preference you guys don't have to do that all it's me because I already know that it's not great but that's what I do.

I'm just going to start off by saying I have just been in the shower and I've explained latest are you exfoliating gloves to get all of my dead skin off I do I do up to these I don't know where my the ones gotten to them in there's two in the shower and I had a brand new pair but I found this one anyway.

I've used my credit in gloves up going the shower and I use a face scrub as well.

I like to use this Clinique face scrub which is the exfoliating scrub and it smells amazing this Clinique one and I've tried loads of exfoliator to my face and none have I ever liked as much as I like this one.

I always use this in my face not just to get like dead skin off for my tans just in general once a week or twice a week I like to use this to make my skin feel like really soft and it's minty and it's not too harsh and it just makes mess like my skin feel amazing.

Definitely recommend that if you've never found your sort of holy grail for face exfoliator as I think you might get on with it it's very good if you have oily skin because it's minty.

I feel like it gets rid of all the dead skin cells like the oil from your face and mitch is already fresh and then if you've got like dry skin it's great as well because you can just put a moisturizer on straight after and it just makes your skin feel.

Nice I've got quite like dry to normal skin and I just find this works really well.

I went in the shower and of using my creating gloves and other thing that I've been using myself what is life.

When I go and shower you can use any body wash you want but I am in every news and Jay Malone because it smells insane I don't use this all the time because is it.

Expensive but it smells like heaven and. This is the body and hand wash but if you want to smell under it when you're going on a night out and you want to splurge on a good like body shower gel then I recommend this it's the pomegranate in wild one because it's.

Good smells like look that pattern.

Using that as I say you can use any shower gel you won whatever user exfoliating gloves give yourself a really good scrub get all the dead skin cells laughs I person me if I can and I've got time in the week I will do that maybe two or three times.

Normally - before I applied pan because once you've been applying pan for a long period of time if you're doing it every week it does leave the buildup if you don't scrub it off properly and it makes your skin glow really funky and that's why you get that dodgy disease looking skin if you haven't washed off your old town' properly like scrubbed off your old tan property and you're applying new fake tan it's going to go a bit right also in between like before you're doing your exfoliating exfoliating I would recommend that you make sure before you're going to bed every night and you should do this any way to maintain your tan but it helps when you're taking your fan off as well to moisturize every single day if you can maybe moisturize twice a day because it will make your time last and lot longer and B when it comes to taking your tan off it will come off a lot better and a lot more easily because it's not stuck to or dry dead skin does that make sense I hope.

What I like to do before I actually apply my fake tan and what's about the shower is apply moisturizer because I feel like a light moisturizer is a good base for your time to not stick to areas like your elbows your knees places where you've got drier skin and it just leaves it looking more seamless.

You don't need a really heavy moisturizer you need a light one and I've been using the Vaseline intensive care story right why are you doing today a control like I'm.

Poorly like I've had true I went to LA came back obviously hopefully you guys have watched my blog and I spent the weekend in London with my best friend and I've got.

Sick and I thought or last a week and I've been ill for nearly two weeks now and every morning I'm just like when will this go I just want to be up there done you don't appreciate being healthy until you're like ridiculously poorly.

I just like to use this faculty intensive care Spray moisturizer cocoa Radian and not greasy and it dries in seconds I like this and because if you're like me and you're a lazy motherfucker right I'm going to do that off camera and this actually dries really quick.

I would normally say if you've got any other moisturizers that maybe leave it in our because you don't it can block your time but we did they'll probably leave it maybe 15 minutes and then I'm going to my turn on because I don't do the shit boss I'm going to go do see it instantly when it's an exit includes through the pavement between the lines kima gage made ahead at the last stop hey.

I have now moisturized and I left it to sink into my scaly skin feels dry visits feel really tacky that's kind of how you know when your skin's ready to apply the time I just put in my face please make sure you do put it in your face and also don't apply my children because that's just not cool basically the giant will grow a monkey color.

Just try if you can to not find genuine if you do it's like you're desperate for the tiniest but on don't put shitload because it will just wear the 10 on the mitt touches the Jojo it goes all Ling in and yeah.

Don't think that but.

Next I'm going to talk about the times that I use my favourites and blah blah blah religiously at the minute my favorite fake tan is 100% the loving tan deluxe bronzing mousse now this one is in dark but I usually use ultra dark because sometimes anyway, and I find it shows up but the dark obviously if you're fair-skinned you can use a lighter tan and and if you're darker use the darker times because they're not reassuring your skin if you're using an ultra dark time no I ought to like time and you're ultra dark.

Make sense yes.

Yeah it's a times nugget a sharp is you're using an ultra dark not too light pan and your ultra dark skinned it's not gonna shop it's not gonna making different.

You need a dark tan to show up if your dark skinned.

Yeah and.

I used ultra normally but I've ran out of that and.

I'm using my dark at the minute which is still find it's still good it's not that much of a kind of differ you still got a good color payoff and the reason for this being my favorite is purely because the undertone of this tan is more of a read ready undertone tan and a lot of times I've used are more of an oily fun to tone time now my skin tone is more reddish undertone I would say yellowy pinky's under time rather than olive like a caste undertone skin tone if I'm making sense.

I purposely prefer this I love the color payoff I love how this applies I love how quickly it dries I love how it comes off no I'm not paid to do this video it's not a sponsored video. This is genuinely my favorite tan and I wasn't how you guys to use it if I didn't like it my self is in my opinion the best time that I've ever used now insane now I think this brand is actually from Australia now they sent me these hands but I have been paid to do this.

I've got that even I'm sure Levantine is an Australian brand correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can now buy this in UK on the site I can't remember which site it was I'll try and find out on I listed below but it is quite hard to get hold of and.

That's what we're going to talk about other options for you guys if you don't want to pay this for this time because obviously it's being shipped and it's expensive all I tried next time on tour pal is Lauren's way I've used this time for years again you're not paid to do this. This is just personal preference. This is the llamas way self tan bronzing mousse in dark dime dark.

Obviously I've got the darkest one as always and this bottle is quite a bit bigger than the love in time.

You get more for your money and I think. This is actually cheaper and. This is to nearly 50 mils as opposed to 120 mils.

It's like doubled the amount.

It's a lot bigger now you can buy this in England.

If you're from the UK then. This is awesome peas and gold on Laurens website and you can just buy this and she's got loads of options different color options she has a spray she has a moon she a lotion I believe.

That's great because you don't have to use a mousse but I prefer Lisa's two lotions myself I just think they're better I think. This is around 10 pounds.

Quite me but as I say I'll list everything - I want to talk about the town which I've run out of at the minute but I do have the notion version.

Next is run by fans and. This is a self-tanning lotion in dark now I do prefer the move the reason why I prefer the mousse in every single option is usually because mousse is dry.

Much quicker and you can just put your clothes back on.

Quickly you don't have to sit there and wait ages whereas lotions are quite moisturizing at the same time and I just find it take ages to dry and I also don't find the color payoff is as good in a lotion as it is with a mousse.

Yeah the ones I assign can use I really like but I've run out of it and I think the bonsai plans have actually brought out some new Musa's that I like clear I've seen some bloggers reasoning thing puts up of new bonds I sign products.

Maybe you guys to check those out but yeah. This is the lotion and I use this some timing it is a dark and to be honest it's on par Laurens way but others say that in time is my favorite of the bunch it's all from the UK you can go to boots to put your I've this like you can find us in the high street also it's not difficult to get a hold of just go into drugstores and you'll find it that next I want to talk about another time brand which is even cheaper because I don't really talk about the more expensive ones I know that not everyone can afford those and that's take my risk now they do a mousse in there they do lotion in there and they do this spray I use this spray on a night out say for example I'm in a brush and I don't want to put more tan on I don't feel quite dark enough I will just spray this all over me it drives.

Quick it's amazing.

For an instant time. This is unreal I don't find that it saves me it's not a permanent tan but the mousse is are good too as I say I don't find that paper is is really what I will cast as like a permanent arrow it finally personally on me stay but the Moose's the lotions analyst are really really good and never got cheaper alternative to these brands which are more expensive if you want an instant Thailand you don't actually like can stay when your skin you just want it for a night out then a hundred percent I would recommend this one because. This is like my Holy Grail. This is my favorite and I would actually pick this over expensive brands.

Go and try this one oh that's but not least is an option if you want a summer glow obviously it's been warm now people go in the holiday and they want to be shimmering nice and glowy and that's the luggage time for the shimmer luminous cream now as I said they did send me their products and. This is the ultra dark and this I'm going to show you is it's really odd I've actually broken the lid from using this but it doesn't really help having tattoos to be honest but as you can see and that notion can see here but I don't know if it's really showing up but basically it's like an instant time but it's got shimmer in it I'm kind of time anyway.

I mean it's not doing it the world adjusted but it's really nice and glowy and if you're going to night out and you want to just have that a nice summery go about you that I would recommend using this did you actually have to scrub this to get it off when I went in the bathroom the day I didn't realize I was cleaning out of the bath I washed obviously and I were to use my towel and it was coming up onto the towel.

I think you can actually have to scrub to get this off.

That's quite a bit if it rained because it's not going to necessarily go everywhere and come off straightaway but um I will say one thing do not apply this to your own white clothes I done it before it transfers it goes everywhere.

Only use this really if you're a dark home I wouldn't even really recommend this for parcels white even normal colors like red and orange it will probably go everywhere.

Maybe just apply it to areas aren't going to touch your clothes or just stick with the darks if you're going to wear this.


Now I'm going to apply my turn I'm going to use the Londontown one over your flow and I'm going to use my fake tan net now I'm issues any fake tan minute I get them from food super drugs anywhere but I preferred fake tan myths with this lining on the inside but it doesn't go through and get on your hands.

You have to fingers we go on that no two fingers in this joint.

Yeah I'm going to I'm going to crack on with that now I'm actually going to put more of this on my face because I'm going to put this fake tag on my face on yes you can you can use face planners I don't think really work as well as it's a normal plate on your face to be honest for me sometimes times do make me break out and make my skin go really weird and all my face but a lovely tan doesn't do that to me.

I'm going to use that today but I have had other instances where I've used other fake tans and I put them in my face and my skin I'm super weird and dry and just hated me waiting for the gun to fire no more walking through revolving doors make way get go over que le on empty words go away you can't win them all but I thought I try we had a dialogue if you're the shade come on beginning of the page.

As you guys can see I finished hanging in the Sun now I'm going to show you guys before and after I think.

You can see the kind of different what I like to do is do my time in the day where I'm not going to be doing anything.

I personally prefer to leave it on for a whole day not a whole day but to like maybe this time next day in the morning when I want a shower.

It's now one o'clock the longer you leave it on the better I think because the time just gets darker save better if you're going to wash it off within a couple of hours you're not really going to get a very good color payoff and I know that loving time do you do a fast developing time which is maybe three or four hours or is it two hours it's something really quick.

Maybe if you're in a rush try that one but I'm just judging on for like 12 to 24 hours if you can go that long and then share it off and moisturize and that will keep your time better and is best try moisturize every day maybe twice a day I'm going to stay here till tomorrow I did all my parts off-camera like from my bum on my boobs but I wanted to show you how I apply the time I do.

Yeah and also make sure that when you're doing your hands and your feet you put your left hand on you don't need quite.

Much and make sure they're well moisturized because it will stick to your knuckles and these areas and that will just help make the time look more even.

You need a lot less time sometimes it's better to mix moisturizer with fake tan and do your hands and feet because I feel like it doesn't cling to your ankles and your dry patches and your fingers like your knuckles.

That is a tip from me.

That's pretty much it I know my hair is messed I didn't do it today because there's no point and we have showers tomorrow I'm going to be like Friday ready.

To shove your hair up keep out the way don't look at your time well you kind it's not going to be end of the world but I just find it easier to shove my hair up and have the chilled day and then put some loose clothes on a track sue.

Julian bottoms early and then a baggy top or a t-shirt and you're good to go try and keep away from socks or anything like that which is going to leave marks where your tan might come off or cling more and I think that is it.

Yeah I hope you enjoyed this year guys if you have any questions then please leave them below and I will try and make everything that I've used today for you guys and it upset if you haven't already done please like and subscribe if you didn't enjoy the video and if you haven't already subscribed to my channel then I really appreciate it and it was nice to have you here and if you already subscribe I love you and thank you to go back and watching another one of my videos over on out right.

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