My favorite self-tanner! St. Moriz self-tanning mousse in dark!

Hey guys! so. This is take three of this video because the first time I had lipstick all over my entire teeth and that was not attractive and then my camera died right in the middle of the intro when I said this was the second time I was going to film it.

Hopefully third time is the charm but anyways this video is going to be about my tanning routine / my favorite self-tanner and I just want to start with a little backstory about it and I am a self tanner junkie I do not tan in the Sun at all at all never have I'm 20 years old probably have been experimenting with self tanners for about five to six years now whenever I was younger I didn't do them.

Consistently but now I'm very consistent with them I'm pretty much tan year-round just by self tanners.

As you can probably guess I have a lot of knowledge about self tanners and I have found a self tanner that I absolutely love and has changed my life. This is what it is called saint-maurice self tanner it is supposed to be a dupe before saint-tropez I have never used st. Tropez just because like I said I'm very consistent with tanning and I feel like if I buy $45 tanner I'm going to like it and I'm going to have to keep repurchasing it and I really don't want to do that since I literally do it all the time it would be fine if it was just every once in a while but yes.

My favorite self-tanner! St. Moriz self-tanning mousse in dark!

This I found at Ulta for about $10 $12 I don't know it was pretty cheap actually and I knew nothing about it whenever I picked it up I didn't know it was a do for saint-tropez I didn't know if it was going to work I had no idea.

I brought it home and I was super nervous to try I wrote a list pros and cons to help me through this video and I'm gonna start with the pros the first Pro is that it goes on very nice and smooth and it dries very quickly that's one of the most important things for me because I don't like to wait for my self tanner to dry for three hours that's really annoying this one pretty much dries instantly it is a mousse formula I'll show you what it looks like.

You just kind of looks like that it's very dark brown kind of has a greenish tint almost and it's very nice formula I also wrote that it does not have a splotchy application before rinsing which means I don't know if you all have ever tried a self-tanner that I'm talking about that does this but this one has like that dark brown base color where when you put it on you're automatically tan and it shows you kind of where to put it I guess the guide color is what it would be called some guide colors on self tanners I find when you put them on even as much as you rub they never look smooth even and streak free and you get.

Freaked out that they're going to look horrible and then you go take a shower after the four hours has passed and you rinse off that guide color and then you're left with kind of a smooth even tan that has happened to me with a self tanner Banana Boat deep dark color I used to love that one but whenever I applied it I couldn't go out I had to wait for the four hours and rinse it before I could go anywhere because I was a splotchy mess it's.


Weird because then I would rinse it and it would look fine that one doesn't do that it's a minute you put it on it's nice and even and it's not splotchy also it is super dark I use about two pumps for one arm and about four pumps for one leg and it gets you.

Dark it's kind of scary almost the first time I put it on I was like oh my gosh I'm like scary dark I was scary dark it's really nice though if you like to be that dark um I kind of love it whenever I first on but yeah it's very dark and even it fades nice and even as well and not splotchy I had like an an that I even I cannot even explain to you how spotty I would become after my self-tanner would wear off because I am super super super pale I know you can't tell now but like my natural skin color is.

So pale and because of that I think it makes the self-tanners really kind of easy to look horrible on me when they start coming off because my skin is.

Much of a different color than the self-tanner and it would just speckle and spot all over the place off and it would look.

Bad and I couldn't go out with it or anything it was kind of embarrassing.

That's one of my number one things I look for in a self-tanner that it doesn't come off really weird and this one seems to fade pretty not if you have a problem with fading you should try that one also I told you it was very cheap and affordable which is really nice um I put it last for many uses which what I meant by that is that I have uses probably about 12 to 15 times since I've gotten it and. This is still my first bottle um it's still like right here.

I feel like I'd get another month out of it which is awesome because usually I go through these things really quickly and I feel like I've had this for a while and then the last thing is that it's not messy the mousse formula could you would think might be a little messy but I just use. Okay, before I show you this don't I know I need to wash it I just used it this tan taining mitt I know it's disgusting yeah but any self tanning mitt is good and then I use gloves I put gloves on both hands and then put this mitt over top of them just because the product does sink through the mitt and kind of get your palms Orange.

You want to use some gloves underneath.

As long as you do that it's not messy. Okay.

Then for the cons I do have a couple of course it can't be perfect but this pretty close and the cons we are not enough to make me stop using it um.

I don't know I don't know what you all think you can judge this.

I said spots off upon any water contact and. This is funny I'll started off with a story just to show you what I'm talking about.

Like I said you can use this and apply this and go right straight out and put your clothes on but if you think it's going to rain if you think you're going to sweat if you think you're going to be in contact with any water don't do that do not do that um because the base color or the guide color if any water touches it before you rinse it off you have a spotty mess I am one day I had this on and it just started drizzling it wasn't even raining that hard and I came and looked in the mirror and I literally had spots everywhere on me and I was like oh. Okay, can't do that anymore it still does have a self-tanning smell not too bad I'm pretty used to it.

That doesn't really bother me I said that it claims to dry patches right here on my shoulder that wear my bra strap rubs sometimes I get like a little bit of dry skin right there and I did find that it kind of made that a little bit darker um.

If you have any dry patchy skin you might have to be careful with this product because it does seem to cling to that Oh put that it only lasts about three to four days which is really not too bad it's not a con to me because honestly I'd rather it look nice for three days and fade off a little bit then like look nice for a week and then patch spot everywhere like and you can't get it off easily.

That's. Okay, for me and then the very last one that I put it the guard color does wash off.

That original deep dark tan that you see for a while is going to rinse off when you get in the shower and wash that base color off but you are still left with a meeting tan and it's still a very nice pretty deep tan but if you do want it to be that dark my suggestion which is to be put on the tanning lotion before you're going to go to an event and let it dry for a few minutes and then go ahead and put on your clothes because it does as long as it's dry it doesn't really transfer as long as like I said you don't get near water that is all of the pros and cons about it again I totally recommend it like I said if you are self tanning junkie like me and you haven't tried this please try this you will love it I promise and thanks.

Much for watching this review if you like this review please give me a thumbs up and subscribe I'll see you in my next video.

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