My Janome 350e Embroidery Machine

Hi I'm Angie and today I'm in the workshop because I wanted to do a quick review on my memory craft 350 e embroidery machine just in case somebody is interested in getting one of these machines I thought I would talk about what I liked about it and show you some examples of the stitching that it can do. This is the only embroidery machine I've ever used.

I don't have anything to compare it to but I did do my research and I was very confident and choosing a Genovia machine and this one in particular it's a standalone embroidery machine which means it doesn't do regular sewing as well and the thing I read over and over again was that this machine is a workhorse and for the price point it was perfect for what I needed it for it comes with two sizes of hoops of 4 by 4 and a 5 by 7 and a 5 by 7 hoop is really nice to have because I've read that most people will outgrow 4 by 4 hoop rather quickly.

It's nice to be able to expand you can also purchase an optional giga hoop for this machine and that doesn't mean that it can stitch a larger field a giga hoop is more like 2 5 by 7 hoops joined together.

You stitch out half the design and then flip the hoop and stitch out the other half here's an example of my first try at using the giga hoop in my excitement I forgot to calibrate the hoop once I turned it around and just started stitching's but overall it's pretty good you can see the quality of the stitches are very very nice the machine comes with a lot of pre-loaded designs there's a lot of florals and there's some fonts in there which is nice to have and it's really good to get you started also included when you buy a machine are the vellum templates of each design that's included in the machine.

My Janome 350e Embroidery Machine

What you can do is cut these out and use them to align them on your item that you want to embroider one optional thing I did buy was the cloth setter and I found this extremely crucial in doing continuous embroidery and lining up the design.

You attach your hoop here and lock it in place and then you align your design and put this down and align the crosshairs with the crosshairs your template and that way that you can see that it's straight in the hoop another thing you want to look for is the way to transfer your design to the Machine and the 350 takes a USB stick which is great.

You can go to your computer get your downloaded design from whatever source on the internet or a CD or whatever transfer it to a USB and then just plug it into the side of the machine and you can access it here on the screen.

You can see some of the designs here and you can scroll through them and choose what you want once you pick an item it will ask you what size hoop you're going to use and it will move into position here you can see all the information how long it's going to take the stitch out how many colors are involved and.

Forth what's really great is that you can move either the hoop to adjust where your design is or you can also switch and move your stitches.

If your thread breaks or you run out of bobbin thread or something of course you can move and get back to the starting point there's also trace feature which is really nice and that will trace the outline of your hoop area to make sure that your design will fit in the edit mode you can change the size you can change the position you can rotate your design and what's really nice I thought you could only rotate in 45 degrees but you can actually if you press and hold that you can go in 1 degree increments which is very very helpful here you can see that you can choose between monograms or fonts inside the font you can see there's also two letter and three letter monograms which is kind of nice it's a thread holder on top of the machine but I like to use my thread stand which I got from marathon threads Canada and it's very helpful and you can have two spools on here and it's.

Quick to change your threads when you need to I'm just getting started but I've realized that there's.

Much more you can do with an embroidery machine than just clothes of course you can just monogram your clothing if you want to but things like in the who projects like a little pin cushion for a quilting block I've also made a little pressing tab with a Teflon back. This is for using a little mini iron right in the hoop to press down onto feasible stabilizer of course you can monogrammed items like little bags and things you can see how nicely it stitches out I made a little eye glass case right in the hoop and it even attaches the zipper closure right in the hoop which is kind of nice because if you don't like to deal with differs you can just let the embroidery machine do it for you I have made a quilt in the hoop this was from my craft C class and you can see how consistent and beautiful the stitching is there's no variation because the machine is doing it for you and I made this chicken quilt I love how detailed the roosters and hens are.

You can see that you can do a lot more with an embroidery machine then simply embroider your name on towels although that's really fun to do - I'm having.

Much fun with this machine and learning all the features it has and what it can do I can highly recommend the Janome brand I've had no problems with it whatsoever there's definitely a lot to learn when you're starting out an embroidery in terms of thread and stabilizers and how to position it in the hoop but it's a lot of fun when you get going I hope this gives you a quick overview of what you can do with the 350 e if you have any questions let me know and I'll try and answer them for you thanks for watching and if you're thinking about getting a standalone embroidery machine I know that I really like my Janome 350.

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