My New Rainbow Loom (Metal Hook)(Upgraded)

Hey guys! this video is just a video of me getting my well I have my second rainbow loom my uncle bought it for me he was just happening to go to walmart and then my grandma um well he's great my great uncle but you happen to go to walmart and somehow there's one here and one at walmart.

Then she payment to get it for me.

I'm really excited to open this up.

Um turn around.

My New Rainbow Loom (Metal Hook)(Upgraded)

Sorry about my pillow right there but.

We have well I'll just speak guys but sorry about that let me fix my camera there ok.

We have this new kind of upgraded box it's like this silver and a toady 2014 I list um been crafting kit and as you notice lake the back and a little bit different because it has won an award and you see it has the picture of a metal hook which is inside I've already checked it out but I haven't opened anything yet.

As you can tell it's kind of like a lighter I mean brighter blue.

Let's open this up ok.

I have this new instruction manual as this sorry about having to pause but we have this new instruction manual adds this little silver thing.

You can look you can make a pink maggot order you can make a rainbow loom account you can set one up and it's also kind of bigger um and light in it like see those stuff again but it's a bigger it's bigger and it has the and it's a brighter blue and in here it's um different fan colors i'm pretty sure yeah it's different band colors.

How many many years but.

That has that stuff it has similar colors and it shows these patterns and it also does the mini loom differently and it shows how to connect these and it shows how to release won't do this stuff and shows these patterns are here and all that.

Um that's the manual let me put that to the side. Okay, then i have the rainbow loom our year it personal reason it feels warmer I don't know why but whoa.

Then the bases are a little bit brighter and the pay I don't know about the past but now let's set aside the loom ok now let's go into the storage compartment.

It has this piece like on the monster tail I still in my monster hell box but I have two monster tails now I have to run balloons how crazy is that.

Now I have this bag of 600 plus rubber bands and see clips like 35 c clips Oh see clips aren't in the bag right here this this with the older rainbow loom with after the plastic tip the plastic tip on the hoof it um those Clips came in the back the bag.

The bad look bigger now smaller because it's like this now we have the clips that year it kind of kind of hard to see I have that lady well no I'll and I just have my blinds closed. Okay, part that I don't want anything spilling out like cuz my room gets very messy even though that's really clean right now I just got it rearranged by my mom.

Here's the hook the metal like the with the metal tip it's really cool because it's like class like it's like the plastic when it said I have this green metal tip 12 they're really cool then me not the only thing that's not that they they don't have in common is the color.

That's the only thing they don't have a comment and i like it because the tips don't break cuz i had to UM hooks and both of them like one time is in Washington forward but I'm here for simplification.

Um uh my friend she was trying out a bracelet that she accidentally left it in there too long I don't know how it broke but it just broke like snapped off well not like snapped off but when I was trying to take it out it snapped off in the middle.

And one time he's dis cuz it was getting bent but cuz like I was trying out a really complicated bracelet.

It got weird and now I have these hooks these metal two cups they kind of make an annoying noise though but and the I also pushed a crochet to crochet oats my blue one I don't know what that is but I know what's with my limbs de my moving supplies I have a drawer full of it and um it's proud and I have a pink one.

Let's put this back on oops wrong book that we need ok.

I'm pretty sure that's all the new supplies from it but I'm just going to place this inside the box stir or the band skin and then place this inside and my cheek lips.

All of this stuff I'll go from first thing the first thing I did.

We have the manual I will put that back and just now I'm gonna do like little uns Thailand.

I have to loom right here you gotta put that back wait hook first time.

That looks like this myth Oh storage compartment home. Okay, almost came out I'm surprised that was blue did.

Now I'll put my loom back balloon back. Okay, now let's put back the hook and if you want to buy one with the metal tip then go to michael's craft store you can also find these in other stores and you can buy one online um.

That's the cool thing that you can find on lots of craft stores um one time I found went at the dollar tree but I didn't buy it ah.

Now with these bands but I'm not gonna blow the way first I have to be a secret.

Now I'll put away the c-clips bracelet it's kind of long i use all the colors for my three cases no I for cases and I used all of the colors it's a really cool it's just this just a regular window and look at this i'm i'm making a French braid one from tutorials back and sorry kind of change the subject but you have these really cool just like bangs but when it came with the older room alone with the plot let me go. Okay.

When you have the hook well. This is the monster tail look but the ones that came come with these kinds of nuts um that one had like jellies but these are just now with regulars wait these are technically just the ones that come in the monster pelham so. Okay, let me back up closin. All right, um I think I'm closing yeah right no. All right. Okay, we put this back. Okay.

Now we have this up well it's the upgraded loom kit.

See that it's really cool and I like the storage compartments now I like the new storage compartments for the bands and stuff.

Then late and you can take out this.

You don't have to bring the box everywhere you go.

You can just like place the bands while it's in there like like that and then lewin.

It's really quite easy out of there that's weird just got a second luck.

Now let me put this back I said bak.

Let's take one last look at the box Justin and there are actually fake lean out there I do not trust it evade I'm sorry if you like going on ebay but I just like you cannot sometimes the sellers I just felt fake rainbow looms its just oh my god I mean etsy that's a little better little bit better etsy today those are really good sites to buy stuff on but on ebay this user well I'm this youtuber she took she said that she bought the UM she went on ebay and bought a loon but it was a big one.

Well the way you can tell is because like it has the writing that's how you know it's both and like it has the writing on the hook.

Just saying um I think they use the youtuber was create a loom I'll probably a mate I might put the description I thought I might put the link in the description box down below and for my other channel and for ebay and etsy and the red balloon site.

Please give this video I am sorry but I can also make a super crazy loom review of my crazy Loomis my super.

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