Mytee HP100 Grand Prix Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor 11 Gallon 100 PSI Heated

You. Okay.

You just got your HP 100 really excited to get it.

Let's uh let's open up the box and see what's in there. All right, oh my god why are you in there what yours will probably come with the Machine and not a person just this one came with baggage how are things just uh just admiring my brand-new to 100 beautiful beautiful the HP 100 now let's let's let's talk about it well you know we'll start from the will start from the top work our way down 11 gallon recovery tank 11 gallons solution tank where your fresh water goes your shampoo your clean water and here's where your dirty water goes very easy to clean lid comes right off you rinse it out and keep your vacuum tank nice and clean now let's talk about what saw on the inside of this unit you've got a three-stage vacuum 136 vacuum high-performance.

You get about 100 37 inches water look you're getting 100 CFM.

Mytee HP100 Grand Prix Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor 11 Gallon 100 PSI Heated

You're moving a lot of air that's good because you want to to vacuum all that you know stop dirt 3 you know the stuff that gets inside the car you've seen your car what else 100 psi pump and that's good because you're spraying down your solution 100 psi which is really going to penetrate the carpet the upholstery the mats that's what you want you want to loosen that dirt and it comes with a 1200 watt in line heater and you combine that with the pump and the vacuum and now you've got a really effective cleaning machine for cleaning interiors of vehicle helping to detail interiors of automotive vehicles oh yeah idea now the controls as you notice are up nice and high.

There's no bending.

On some machines you may find their way down here on the side not with the HP 100 controls are up nice and high you don't defend very easy to work with your vacuum nozzle you get three pull your vacuum hose in your brass to do is wear your solution those goes.

All solution hose goes that rhymes I didn't even plan ok.

That's where your solution hose goes and it's all up nice and high else can talk about oh yes one of the biggest features on this unit is it's one cord there's many automotive extractors out there that have two cords that's just too many it's too many for detail you don't need that many cords all you need is one chord one outlet that's all you need and that's what the HP one gives you just one quart why do you need more than that too is too many that's my motto too is too many your drain valve is up nice and high.

You can put a bucket under here to drain your dirty water.

It's easy rain your vacuum tank 8 inch wheels 3 inch casters rolls very nice and comes with two hangers to keep your hoses out of the way in fact the beautiful thing about the HP 100 is the amount of accessories you get with this machine it's unbelievable in fact let's take a look at some of the accessories that you get with the machine forget it let's take a look at all of the accessories that come with the HP 100 I will start off with our vacuum hose it's a 15 foot back in solution hose tied together. This is nice its 15-foot its inch and a quarter hose and that's good because it's lightweight and it's maneuverable.

When you're getting into the car and you're getting between seats and mats and the pole street that's easy to maneuver this hose around the solution hose high pressure hose 3000 for 80 at 3,000 psi we have the nice covers on it.

It's not going to scratch a vehicle and we use good solid quarter inch cuties and the hanger keeps it out of the way looking neat looking very professional alright what else comes with it we also have lower hose now basically it's just a plain vacuum hose there's no solution attached to it now what. This is used for is it attaches down below this novels nozzle is a blower nozzle.

Just like the inlet nozzle but. This is for blowing out air and that's good because it helps dry the interior the HP 100 is one of the oil extractors on the market that features blower inlet for helping dry interiors the other extractors are the HP 60 m we'll talk about that on another video but let's see what attachments come with that blower you get a blower nozzle now. This is good it hooks to the hose here you turn on your blower and. This is good for blowing out crevices and cracks hard-to-reach areas and it helps then you can help dry those hard-to-reach places all. This is a unique tool. This is a window attached and you'll notice it's got these grooves right here and this rolls up in a car window you hook it to the hose and now this will blow warm air throughout the vehicle helping dry it faster and it won't go anywhere it will just stay right there whoa and you can be detailing another part of the vehicle or have a coffee or on the phone a lot of things you could do while this blower this blower novelist window attachment is sitting there. Okay, an upholstery tool. This is the main tool used for spring down your solutions and vacuuming it back up. This is what will clean the mats and the upholstery in the vehicle it's four inch stainless steel a very durable well put together you get a 45-degree drain spout this goes in the back of the unit and that way it directs is dirty water down into a bucket or you know wherever you want to move you want to stop if you flip it or it says don't forget to register your product you go to this website mighty calm and you register your product and it also makes you eligible to join our bulletin board.

If you need any help on anything any questions feel free to join our bulletin boards and we're there to help you.

That's the HP 100 gets everything you get for a great price if you have more questions visit our website or give us a call and thanks for watching this video ready yes. All right.

What. Okay, which other one that is again hmm let's talk about the mighty automotive extractor the HP 100 it's a pretty tall unit got to be about five and six foot six foot tall I'm just joking.

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