Mytee Lite II Heated carpet cleaning extractor

Hi my iniquity from power clean today I want to talk to you about a modified upholstery and carpet cleaning machine this machine has a 15 meter waste tank which is the black color here and a 15 liter solution tank which is Balu the solution tank is a manual fill just through here it's with the bucket or does have the ability to fill through a faucet somewhere with this rubber boot that you can place over the actual tap outlet with a meter clear hose that you can push back into the machine back into the solution tank.

Just to do a bit of flexibility for filling the solution tank the unit comes with four meters of back insulation hose and what you'll see here it's the mighty quick cufflinks that are the discriminant types they just straight on nice and easy locks on into place the solution hose is in internal solution hose if you can see here it comes out of the solution line here straight runs into the actual vacuum line the the solution tank also has a cap here for emptying the water out of the tank and as you come over the machine. This is where you access the actual waste tank and your filters for your West tank handle here that allows you to carry your hoses your chemical maybe your Osteria brush rags just it's just an access to wrap and keep things neat and tidy as you carry it all rolling into the posterior any job says you don't off the back here you have. This is off the waste tank you have this little dump hose with a valve on the end of it here.

You can empty that without running water over the machine here also has a cap.

You if you don't want to use this and keep it sealed in the in the back here I'll just spin that around quickly you'll see. This is where we have the switches for the unit the first switch here is the three-stage vacuum motor the second switch is the hundred twenty psi diaphragm pressure pump and the next switches of thousand watt here.

Mytee Lite II Heated carpet cleaning extractor

This unit is pretty pretty remarkable an amazing amount of heat of a little inline doesn't want heater.

You'd be surprised to have what this scares if you want to access a unit you've got some screws here around the the waste tank which we would remove to get into the back motor and the Fisher Park another feature of the unit is that actually has locking casters on the front.

Again well somewhere even if you're doing car detailing it keeps it stable you also have comes with a 4 inch upholstery tool here external jet and these what's ooh traps that actually help protect all the hot parts and your quick connects and yeah it just keeps it all nice and tidy.

One of the last things that that I will mention is that you again get the piglet filters which keep the actual waste tank nice and clean.

There's 25 filters in this pack and they come unit and they placed inside here and to be cleaned out reused mention reading places because the random has nineteen dollars for a pack of 25 that's it for me thanks for watching a video when they log July 3 I'll show you how to clean machine either contact us at power clean and speak to my best sales representatives please give us a call.

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