Mytee S300 Carpet Extractor Review & Use

Right here I wonder if you are mighty interested. This is where does water drink clean water goes in I use warm clothes to hot water can't use boiling hot water because it can mess up from some of the internal pieces where vacuum hose go and your water hose go comes with a nice industrial get on so. This is the car I'm going I'm going to do a pretreat and I have a drill bit so. This is my base put on drill go ahead and all those tough spots like this and that you want to drown in your solution foot pad up there same thing that rocky here that's on a pretreat right now and then let it sit for about 10 minutes and then I'll put some hot water and Old Spice that I was talking about and uh spray these piece and everything.

You wanna let your solution sit can break down the dirt that's in the UH carpet.

I'll start right now then go from there you you you a lot of. This is better than it was before you can see these little marks.

This side had a lot of trash in it and my water kept going this way.

Mytee S300 Carpet Extractor Review & Use

And getting stuck in this corner.

What interesting stuff here the the extractor couldn't get the right angles to pull it out and then here it wasn't pulling much out at all.

Crazy I didn't touch specifically but I would go with the wet/dry vacuum you see the difference that is way way way better suction on the other side being completely with the extractor because that's fine now it sounds pretty good maybe because it didn't have much use disease came out pretty well too but this I didn't have much use it was pop or soda still right there in the front that all came up the red marks came up levels all with the instruction book but the heavy heavy heavy pigs jobs I need to go back past one more time but the heavy jumps I already was left right back but to me 450 bucks not really worth it if I knew that because people would leave review saying it feels the great thing for the price yes if I personally would have had a free trial something I was took it in. Okay, back oh I gotta this way driver was 60 bucks I would have got a better one with better sucks I mean you do the same thing with this and I've been doing it for some time I want a 50 bucks it counted wasn't working lugging I just hope it lasts lifetime business not gonna get the money back. This is honest review. This is not for them somebody that got it for free I paid for it.

This old I was going with that extractor in this side with both wet drying strikes hang up realism you think playing be careful jack it's alright I made all depend on the weather and how much water you use but it's a wet/dry vac you can be driving see why was it hot funny thing with the other one bus is longer.

I just stick to using both I guess you might be seeing in mark my earlier videos in my earlier video that when I was using our seats the water was dripping down that's a part of that suction it's not because I was moving fast and not because of me I don't know how to use it cousin suction but I wanted to see the wet/dry I'm using some wet/dry vac to get all you spots like this fresh that's my honest review of your mighty s-300.

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