Navitas Naturals Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

Hi there I'm Julie Morris and. This is navitas naturals 62nd smoothies many of us are looking for new healthier ways to get a protein boost.

Today I'm going to share a gorgeous recipe for a blueberry hemp protein smoothie it's.

Good here's what you'll need two cups of frozen blueberries three tablespoons of hemp protein powder 1 tablespoon of navitas naturals sprouted flax seed powder one-and-a-quarter cups of vanilla non-dairy yogurt and one cup of water as the base of this smoothie we're using frozen blueberries which are packed with any accidents then for a big protein boost I'm using pure hemp protein. This is such a great protein source 3 tablespoons has 16 grams of protein it's easily digestible it won't weigh you down and it's packed with minerals as well I'm also adding some sprouted flax seed powder just to give this movie a boost of healthy fats and fiber and then to make this really creamy and add a little bit of extra protein as well I'm using some non-dairy vanilla yogurt which I found in the refrigerated yogurt section of my local health food store finally some water just to blend easy enough and let's give this a go that is looking really really good mmm that is one of those I could drink this every day kind of smoothies taste the berries you taste the creamy Tang from the yogurt and it's super filling without being heavy thanks for watching and I'll see you soon right here on sixty-second smoothies.

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