Navitas Naturals Blueberry Oat Smoothie

Hey everyone I'm Julie Morris and you're watching 60 second smoothies you probably already know that smoothies are a great source of fiber well today we're going to use superfoods to create a fabulous recipe for a fiber-rich blueberry oat smoothie here's what you'll need 1 cup of ice two cups of frozen blueberries a half cup of dried mulberries a quarter cup of rolled oats two tablespoons of navitas naturals sprouted flax seed powder 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and two cups of almond milk I've got a cup of ice already in the blender here and we'll just pour in my frozen blueberries which being a fruit already provides in fiber then i'm using these delicious dried white mulberries which not only add 10 grams of fiber per half cup but will also sweeten this movie.

Much that we won't need to add any additional sugar next a quarter cup of rolled oats which indeed have a little bit of fiber as well and go great with berries and to really action pack this movie with fiber I'm adding a superfood superstar here sprouted flax seed powder each serving has an amazing 5 grams of fiber and you won't even taste it a teaspoon of vanilla extract and some almond milk and I'm using the original box variety here. Okay, lets blend this there she is ready to serve hmm. This is the perfect breakfast creamy yet light at the same time and packed with 11 grams of healthy fiber per serving for long lasting energy thanks for watching I'll see you soon right here on 60 seconds movies.

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