Navitas Naturals Green Extreme Smoothie

Hi there I'm Julie Morris and. This is navitas naturals 62nd smoothies a lot of us are looking to get more greens in our life and with the help of superfood smoothies sneaking in those extra veggies couldn't be easier today I'm sharing my recipe affectionately known as the green extreme smoothie which is absolutely radiant with green yummy goodness here's what you're going to need 1 cup of ice one ripe pear a half of an avocado 1 cup of packed kale leaves one half cup of broccoli florets half of a teaspoon of navitas naturals wheatgrass powder 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and two cups of apple juice I put a cup of ice into the blender and I'm first adding in a chopped ripe pear and half of an avocado for creaminess and texture onto the greens one super packed cup of fresh kale leaves you can always add more if you already have a green palette and a half a cup of raw broccoli which incredibly does not have a dominant flavor in this blend but to really turbocharged our green action here I'm putting in some of this awesome navitas naturals wheatgrass powder. This is made from cold-pressed wheatgrass juice that's freeze-dried directly after it's been juiced to encapsulate and suspend maximum nutrition. This is green nutrient density at its finest a bit of fresh lemon juice goes in and two cups of fresh apple juice to sweeten and smooth out the flavor. Okay, here we go oh it's like it's glowing mmm not too sweet but it tastes like fruit it's amazing that you can pack essentially a salad into a smoothie and yet have it still tastes like such a treat thanks for watching and I'll see you next time right here on 60 seconds movies.

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