Navitas Naturals Lucuma Macadamia Smoothie

Hey there and welcome back to navitas naturals 62nd smoothies I'm Julie Morris and today we're focusing on some creative techniques to sweeten our smoothies in a delicious but also healthy manner we're making my recipe for a macadamia Luke must movie which is utterly fabulous and all thanks to using some extra smart sweeteners to make it here's what you'll need two cups of ice a quarter cup of raw macadamia nuts a quarter cup of silken tofu too large medjool dates two tablespoons of navitas Luke my powder 1 tablespoon of coconut palm sugar and three quarters of a cup of fresh coconut water I prep my blender with 2 cups of ice already and I'm going to add in a quarter cup of macadamia nuts which are.

Flavorful I'm also adding a quarter cup of organic silken tofu which adds to the creamy texture of the smoothie without adding many calories now to sweeten this I'm going to use a couple of big medjool dates which I use in a lot of my recipes because you're getting a very condensed sweetness in a whole food or should I say whole fruit for and as the smoothie name suggests i'm also using some lucuma powder here. This is another great sweetening tool because a it's made from a whole food the Luca fruit & B it provides a kind of taste oriented illusion of sweetness because of its custard-like flavor it's a great one for diabetics or low sugar diets and i want to add in just a tiny bit of coconut palm sugar because it's low glycemic it has a few trace minerals and it's an extremely sustainable crop to grow lastly i'm using some fresh coconut water but i got out of one of these fresh coconuts here you can use the Box variety too but the fresh variety is a gazillion times better in terms of flavor trust me it's worth the effort and we're all ready to blend looking good mmm you really taste and appreciate the beautiful sweet flavor of the luqman this blend it's such a treat and all thanks to nature thanks for watching and I'll see you soon right here on sixty-second smoothies.

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