Navitas Naturals Maqui Powder

Hi i'm russ martin shuka with World Health up com we're talking about navitas naturals superfoods maqui berry powder. This is an awesome supplement whole food supplement all they do is juice the Maquis berries freeze dry the power and it. This is a really interesting food because it's actually the highest known food highest found food in antioxidants.

Pound for pound the maqui berry has more antioxidants than any other discovered food on the planet amazing and it's actually very unique because it's a rich in unique flavonols that actually promote longevity anti-aging with how they interact with your cells and the DNA and you know help to repair and prevent damage so. This is a really unique substance it's really it's also very visually appealing how i use it i use it in a fruit smoothie a superfruit smoothie because it's got a deep rich purple color and and just when i mix up a fruit smoothie and it becomes that deep rich purple you know my mouth starts the water it's just one of those colors in nature that were kind of pre-programmed to want purple foods because they're.

High in nutrition.

The Maquis bear is no exception what I do for my fruit smoothie is all mix a couple the navitas naturals superfood powders together and then add them into my smoothie with some frozen berries or banana some super greens and a little bit of protein and rice protein that you can make it into into a meal a really healthy breakfast or you can make it into a just a healthy kind of shake to supplement your food throughout the day and increase your your health at the same time.

Just this the navitas naturals maqui berry powder and what i'll usually add with it is maybe some goji berry maybe samassa EE and some pomegranate for a really nice superfood blend for a fruit smoothie if you have any questions about the maqui berry go ahead and read the description below or email us at World Health hub com.

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