Navitas Naturals Organic Coconut Water POWDER

Hi I'm res Muruga with World Health hub com we're talking about navitas naturals superfoods new product coconut water powder.

A lot of people are aware the coconut water has become very popular in the last couple years as a sports drink you know people drink it after yoga or after working out or just for the general you know quote-unquote health benefits you know especially over drinking something like a sports drink like a gatorade or powerade or something like that well navitas naturals was the first company to all naturally powder the coconut large.

Literally they developed a process and all they do is they take the water out of the young coconuts and they freeze right into crystals and.

That's what you get in this package you get free start crystals that you can just add back to water and basically reconstitute the coconut water without the the big packaging.

Just a couple teaspoons of. This is the same thing as going to the store and buy a coconut water except you get the following benefits.

Again. This is less processed with the the coconut waters you find in the store almost all of them are from concentrate.

What they do is they you know concentrate them into a syrup freeze em ship em you know make it you know back in the United States here and then they have to pasteurize a boil in order.

They can sell it at the store.

These are literally just they take the raw coconut and they freeze dry the crystals and that's what you get here the only other thing that's in here is basically it is a tapioca derivative that just it's a processing it to make sure things don't stick together everything is all-natural with this.

What you end up with are the high quality vitamins and minerals the same as you would get from a fresh young coconut.

You get sodium you get magnesium you get manganese you get phosphorus you get potassium you get all those beneficial electrolytes and in just an easy portable you know container here just the bag you can take it anywhere with you or you could just add a couple scoops to to your water at home instantly make some coconut water before the gym or after the gym and and it takes great.

You know it doesn't have the extra sugar that some of the other coconut waters do.

You might notice that it doesn't taste as sweet but you know that you get all natural flavors of the original coconut water.

Again. This is new vidas naturals coconut water powder we're really we're really glad to have this addition to the store if you have any questions about it you can read the description below or email us at World Health um com.

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