Navitas Naturals Organic Maca

Why travel 14,000 feet to the top of the Peruvian Andes because it is here in this remote unbelievably beautiful place where navitas naturals maca grows maca is a potent superfood rich with plant sterols essential minerals amino acids and of course phytonutrients its unique properties make it especially useful in addressing modern-day health needs in its ability to fight stress increase stamina elevate energy boost libido combat fatigue and promote balance and vitality join us as we travel with Carlos samaniego a former UN attaché and renowned professor of agriculture on our journey to the remote hoon in plateau of the Andean Central Highlands for us getting to this much revered plant meant we got a chance to retrace ancient inca trade routes when we finally arrived at this remote maca field rumored to date back to the Inca we were met by a herd of grazing by Cunha in ancient times these beautiful animals were.

Prized it was against the law for anyone but royalty to wear garments made of their wool we chose the hoone in plateau site because the only products navitas will offer you are those which are organically grown and cultivated using traditional agricultural methods here at the Hunan plateau the maca is first gently removed from the rich Indian soil it is then shaken on blankets to remove any excess soil next the hand selected maca is slow dried and locally constructed drying cabins once dry the maca is taken to a processing facility where it is cleansed afterwards it is either pulverized and milled into a raw powder or gelatinize through a heat extrusion process only after our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety are they shipped to san francisco in refrigerated containers and packaged at one of the navitas naturals facilities which are certified organic oh sure navitas naturals delivers organic market to you in four forms raw powder gelatinize powder and an encapsulated form of each of these you.

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