Navitas Naturals Strawberry Goji Smoothie

Hi there I'm Julie Morris and welcome to navitas naturals 62nd smoothies today we're focusing on boosting the immune system with a beautiful recipe for a fresh strawberry goji smoothie ready here's what you'll need two cups of frozen strawberries three tablespoons of luke ma powder 3 tablespoons of navitas naturals goji berry powder a half teaspoon of kamu powder and two cups of almond milk rule number one in making immune enhancing smoothies is keeping the sugar content as low as possible.

Here I'm using frozen strawberries as our base which are actually low in sugar and a good source of vitamins to enhance the flavor of the berries I'm adding some luke my powder made from freeze-dried lucuma fruit this special powder enhances the sweetness it has just two grams of sugar per tablespoon I love the almost yogurt like flavor it provides now onto our immunity superstar goji powder goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for ages and have been clinically proven to be a fabulous anti-inflammatory food a great source of antioxidants and full of immune boosting micro nutrients like vitamin c and zinc using a powder form like. This is fabulous for smoothies but you can also use the dry goji berries in here too and because everyone knows vitamin c is a surefire defense against sickness well put in a dash of gamma berry powder which adds close to six hundred percent of our daily vitamin c right here and lastly two cups of almond milk we're all set to blend absolutely beautiful mmm that is wonderful.

Refreshing thanks for joining us today and I'll see you soon for more 60-second smoothies.

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