Navitas Naturals Superfoods

Hello my name is Kimberly Olson and today I'm going to aquatic review on Nevada naturals if you haven't had a chance to check out my other videos please do you at thick EMT on youtube or go to my blog at thick am calm.

When you are going to the health food store I know it can be confusing with all the different choices out there and sometimes if certain things have a higher price point compared to maybe what you're used to seeing at the grocery store it can be confusing as to why that is.

What I want to cover today is one of my favorite part up lines is called the vita naturals and what I love about it is when you're looking at a health food store sometimes you're going to see some differences is the quality is very important when it comes to health natural health foods and also the ingredients.

Everything you see here what's really cool is there's just the one ingredient whatever that super food is.

What novena Nationals do is they actually look for this most nutritious super foods on the planet and if you haven't seen my other videos on superfoods check out i have a whole series explaining the benefits of superfoods but what i try to do is I try to put as much nutrition into my body as possible we're supposed to consume at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day to get the vitamins the minerals the phytonutrients the average adult consumes only one to two and children is only one.

What superfoods can do.

You can supplement your diet to help put more nutrition into your body very important if your diet isn't where it needs to be and often if your diet is pretty good these are usually a health conscious people who really want to take it up another notch. This is a great way to do that.

I want to give you a quick run view a rundown of them I think there are many many more these are just the ones that i have in my pantry you can see i have a lot of them i'm obsessed.

I want to tell you a couple of them and i want to tell you what i do with them.

First over here i have golden berries and then goji berries we probably all heard of goji berries and the ingredients are golden berries and goji berries.

Basically they're just dried and the Archies source from where Raeleen Ashley grow I think the whole line is organic which is also very important because if you need to know where these things treated with pests sides chemicals you want to put that your body.

These are all organic.

What I like to do is use these for trail mix I just made superfood oatmeal bars and are awesome.

Instead of buying granola bars at the store I just made a whole i paid to hold dish of them I doubled the batch.

I have enough for like two weeks and they stay really good in the fridge but what i did is i put the golden berries in there I put goji berries in there and then I put chia seeds in there and if you guys if you've been any of my lectures or run my book you know I love chia seeds.

Cheese these are very high in omega fatty acids the essential kind that we actually need to get.

You can throw those in your smoothies too over here these are all super foods that I like to add to my smoothies.

Pomegranates are super food but as we know they're not available year-round so. This is actually straight up pomegranate powder.

You just put that your smoothie hemp powder a lot more people are looking to be vegan or vegetarian.

The only protein powder I recommend that isn't vegetarian is grass-fed whey protein it's on my blog if you look on the right side bar otherwise i do recommend plant-based proteins i'm going to do a review on protein powder pretty soon here so. This is a great option it's hemp powder and at one up for tablespoons has 16 grams of protein in it.

You can just put that in your smoothie and then meet grad everyone knows wheatgrass is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and it's very strong.

You can put that your smoothies I'm actually going to do a separate video on this but I want you to remember this when I use a video click how powder is different than Coco Coco has fat and sugar added to it. This is just straight-up cacao and then maka maka if you are part of my newsletter subscribers you should subscribe if you're not I just did my top 3 libido boosters in my last newsletter I did goji berries dr. oz favorite pumpkin seeds and then maca is actually known for libido.

I'll show you guys a really cool drink you can make with these and then last is coconut water.

You've ever bought the full thing of coconut water to be pretty pricey or it sits in your fridge will knife Avery thing if I actually take this with me when I travel and say I have a really long day and then I go to hot yoga after work well I'll actually be able to have this in a plastic bag or a little glass container and then I'll put it in my water that way right instantly I have electrolyte it's a way to rehydrate your right.

As you can see there's again I think there's a lot more things that they have.

It can go to your health food store or you can go on their website you're going to see they have a ton of different things oh and they also have really good educational videos I saw um I think it's their registered dietitian or nutritionist but she'll put together smoothie recipes using everything.

If you like smoothies go on their YouTube channel I'll see if I can link it to this one and check it out because that was really cool too.

That's my review on w to natural as you can tell them a big fan if you like this video please subscribe at Viki on TV on youtube or go to my blog at victim comm check out my bit my book it's on my home page and also if you are not part of my newsletter group subscribe it's on the right side bar once a month you're going to get exclusive information just for my members.

Thank you very much for watching have a great day we'll see you soon.

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