Navitas Naturals Superfoods Defined - LuckyVitamin Happy Wellness Webinar

Webinar presented to you by the navitas naturals thank you for joining us today my name is Colleen Erickson and I'm the category manager for health foods at luckyvitamin this webinar will be presented by Arthur Mullen and Julie Norris of navitas naturals I will first give a brief intro on the change background and then we'll turn over to them for the duration of the webinar at the end we will have some time for Q&A.

Please type in any questions you might have during the webinar in the question box on your screen and we will try to get to as many as possible as a reminder this webinar is being recorded and will be emailed to you after its conclusion a promo code will be given at the end of the presentation and will be available for 72 hours for you to purchase navitas naturals items on luckyvitamin.

First a brief introduction on your presenters Arthur Mullin is the product specialist manager with navitas naturals Arthur has been an abita Steve Ott for over half of a decade he first discovered the profound benefits of living a superfood lifestyle while embarking on a 2,100 mile hiking trek through the Appalachian Mountains in 2008 he has worked with navitas naturals for over two and a half years and prides himself on remaining their number one fan Arthur holds a master's degree in holistic health education and specializes in holistic nutrition Julie Morris is a los angeles-based author natural food chef and advocate of whole plant-based foods and super foods julie has worked in the natural food industry for close to a decade as a recipe developer writer cooking show host and spokesperson and is the executive chef for navitas naturals thank you all again for joining and now I'm going to turn the webinar over to Arthur and Julie thanks Colleen for that great introduction we're happy to be here and appreciate the opportunity to talk about the work that we do in the Vedas and be amazing super foods that we offer sorry about that.

Maybe I've ever done in here and I won't bore you with more details about Julia myself but here we are again and. This is just our official hello and thank you for joining us we also have Julie on the line.

Hello Julie hi Arthur were.

Happy to be here.

For today's agenda we're just going to be talking about a defining superfoods the super food staples and see the importance of enjoyment as part of a superfood lifestyle.

Diving right in and talking about how in the Vetus naturals defined superfoods the graphic or the lock up of words and terms is one that you'll find on our website as well as our merchandise and other Vitas branded items we created and love this graphic because the terms really communicate for us how we define super foods and I'm emphasizing we because super foods is currently a term that doesn't really have a single or operational definition it's often used as a marketing term and the food and beverage industries to describe any number of products that are proposed for supposed to provide some type of a health benefit the Oxford Dictionary definition states that a superfood is a nutrient-dense food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being and I certainly don't disagree with that definition but there really is.

Much more to be said for what a superfood is or should be these foods are truly outstanding and in order for them to provide for us all that they have to offer they should be highly regarded and cultivated and brought to market and consumed with mindfulness and care many of the superfoods have evolved over time overcoming unbelievable climate conditions and have been cultural staples and diets and healing practices for centuries.

Super foods are not only nutrient-dense we think that they should also be organic non-gmo minimally processed to preserve all their inherent super nutrient properties and sustainably sourced from places around the world where they thrive naturally navitas naturals offers over 35 different superfoods and super food snacks all of them are certified ganic certified by non-gmo project minimally processed globally sourced and without a doubt each one of them provides either an outstanding amount of nutritional value per calorie or a set of unique properties that are rare and nourishing to the body or once overall will be.

Today we're going to review five super food staples will touch on some of the product attributes including products story or you know where the product origin how has it been used historically as well as processing method nutrition or health benefits but most importantly we have duly Morris here to help us understand how easily these can be incorporated into our you know modern everyday lies she's going to challenge that idea that consuming health is has to be painful or her pee tasting an experience that we have to force into our daily regimen it's not the case at all and if nothing else we want you to walk away from this presentation with a sense of comfort and empowerment and approachability to really exploring superfood to be a positive and enjoyable experience. This is one of my personal favorites and sizes staple superfood now and five different for neural delicious healthy fat that has been cold press. All right.

Detached patrol antioch iron and also do if you want to talk a little bit of the culinary applications of the nibs specifically then i'll go ahead and follow up with verses for the discussion when we move on to cacao powder oh absolutely well i guess one of the things that I also concur with you is that chocolate in its raw form cacao is also one of my personal favorites superfoods I mean how exciting is it raw chocolate is in fact truly good for us that's always.

Much fun.

Clearly. This is one of my personal favorite foods to work with in the kitchen the count is you can kind of think of them a little bit like nature's chocolate chips they are sweet like your normal chocolate chip out of the bag but they do have a very potent crunchy chocolate flavor almost like that like a chocolate-covered espresso bean if you've ever had one of those it's very very potent.

What I like to do with them is incorporate them into sweet dishes that have an inherent sweetness that really brings out that chocolate flavor.

They're really really wonderful to incorporate into baked goods and they'll add a little bit of a crunch and a little bit of chocolate they're wonderful to make different types of desserts with like these chocolate truffles which you see in the the culinary picture in that case we actually ground up the cacao nibs just a little bit more in a spice grinders that they're a little bit more fine to the trees and if I am a lot of times as a top ice creams or smoothies also it 1 100 percent cacao butter which we met you that likely been alkalized or heated wanna majorly upgrade the nutritional value that's actually one of the very exciting things about cacao powder is that if you thought cacao nibs for easy to use cacao powder is even easier anywhere that you can use cocoa powder unsweetened cocoa powder you can use cacao powder in a one-to-one ratio.

It's it is an incredibly simple upgrade to any recipe that you're making fun obvious one would be things like baking if you're making brownies if you're making chocolate like double chocolate cookies you can simply swap in the cacao powder for the regular cocoa powder that he was using but it certainly doesn't stop there and one of wonderful things about cacao being such a magnificent superfood is that you can use it in healthy foods I mean you can truly have chocolate for breakfast which personally I do I was wonderful but you can make things like chocolate smoothies using cacao powder bananas maybe a little bit of almond milk it can be literally that simple incorporating is wonderful superfood into a chocolate treat things like homemade ice cream things like truffles things like these you know we have these brownie batter balls which truly taste like brownie batter and they are packed to the max with action-packed superfoods one of the cool things also about cacao and I think a lot of people forget. This is that you can use kakao in savory applications too and. This is in fact how it was traditionally used.

Combining it with warm spices like like cinnamon cloves things like chilis you know Cayenne I like to actually put in a chili format and make almost like a mole a sauce with it and it's truly fantastic and adds that little extra spark of I don't know what. This is but it's truly delicious.

There's a huge huge breadth of applications for cacao powder you know the good morning locust movie that's shown in this slide is one of the first movies that was made for me by a welcome and co-worker when i first started at navitas naturals and its hands down one of the best super crew creations that i still make and in the office today and others do as well on a regular basis.

I encourage everybody to check that one out which is a good time to say that all these recipes are on our website navitas naturals calm.

Just search for the recipe titles.

Moving on let's talk about chia first and foremost if you've ever wondered if such a Chia Pets are using the same chia seeds that if they consumed for thousands of years is one of the most nutritionally dense super food staples the answer is yes and. This is sort of unfortunate because these little have.

Much potential and consumed as a food but at the same time anything that brings awareness to them is a positive because they really should be acknowledged and incorporated into everybody diet in life navitas makes this easy by offering chia and a hole deep form as well as a powder p1.

Again we have our infographic which pulls out some of the fun facts about SIA and also provide some education on what the specific nutrients that are found in shoot to do for our bodies and overall health but let's review some of these in greater detail.

Chea really reigned supreme in the plant world for providing omega-3 fatty acids chia seeds also provides omega-6 fatty acids but it's really a special food because compared to other sources of these healthy fats chea contains a ratio of omega-3s two sixes that's roughly three two one which really means that by consuming Chia you can help reduce inflammation in the body while supporting joint brain function among other things she is also nutritionally diverse and that it really provides a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids and it's technically considered a complete plant-based protein providing all the essential amino acids one of the more unique characteristics about chia seeds is that their high group excuse me highly hydrophilic which means they attract and absorb moisture like nothing else I've seen chia seeds can retain up to ten times their weight and water which creates a gelling effect this rare attribute really makes she an excellent source of gentle cleansing fiber and also lends itself to many culinary applications as the gel itself is versatile and on that note she is definitely a super food staple not only because of its nutritional lineup but it's also one of the easiest routes to incorporate into our diet and and I will hand it off to Julie.

One of the most frequent question that I actually get I think it's because she is such a popular super food these days is how to use it in recipes and my answer is always the same what's your favorite food great put chia on it because it really is that easy one of the wonderful things about chia seeds is that they really have virtually no flavor.

If you're just using the seeds on their own you only need about a spoonful to get the full benefits from these miraculous seeds and you can throw them on virtually anything I mean we're talking breakfast we're talking salads you can put them into soups you can put them into homemade energy bars you can really put them on just about anything because of their neutral flavor. However, as arthur brought us they do have this incredible gelling property and this I think is where chia seeds really shine as an incredible way to both reduce calories and increase nutrition in recipes which is one of the ways that i love to use the most when you incorporate chia seeds in water you just mix them up with water or virtually any other liquid you will see this gelling property happen within the timeframe of about 15 minutes and that they basically create this little slippery texture around themselves and bulk up with this little gel which is a really nice textural treat.

With this property you can make things like chia puddings just with a mixture of almond milk or juice or just a little bit of sweetener you can make things like sauces like I like fresh jellies you can put them into the drinks like the the classic jia fresco which is.

Popular in Mexican culture another way that you can use it is in things like dips where such as this like guacamole that you see on your screen the chia seeds actually act as a flavor carrier.

They have all those nice spices in there and they fluff up.

To speak to the delicious flavor of the guacamole while still being a low calorie ingredient.

You'll never notice the difference you'll just be consuming your favorite treat with a little bit less calories which is what such as the loves food in that in that category.

The properties of chia seeds are truly virtually endless when it comes to the different ways that you can use it and I really encourage people just be creative with it if you're going to think it you can probably use chia seeds that way nice i put chia on everything and in my family we keep the bag on the refrigerator door not because they have to be refrigerated but it reminds each of us to incorporate them into pretty much anything that we're making including guacamole salsa hummus but also a yogurt smoothies cereal soups we have chia and almost everything that we pull out of the refrigerator it's like the go-to superfood boost right totally it's an easy one.

Another easy eat right out of the bag super food staple is goji berries navitas offers to premium options for you no easy way to incorporate this food into your life the berries which are sun-dried and ready to eat and then there's a freeze dried goji berry juice powder and for a very goji offers really an incredible lineup of nutrients and potential health benefits the berries have lots of intriguing mythology and folklore surrounding them and it said that ancient Chinese monks who ate Godey's lived to be over 200 years old I'll repeat the folklore and mythology piece because I'm not making a claim that if you consume bujji berries that you're going to live to be 200. However, they are definitely a contender for one of the healthiest foods out there and have been shown to have a positive impact on nearly all bodily systems and processes.

Goat cheese have a lot of nutritional call-outs but one of the strongest values and is the antioxidant beta carotene one serving of go G's is going to provide one hundred and forty percent of your daily recommended value they also provide protein other vitamins essential minerals like iron and calcium and.

One of the most common questions that we get asked about goji berries I get asked both oh Jesus where are your goji berries source and we maintain excellent relationships with our supplier which is in Ming saw Province in China goji berries are native to the Himalayas and China and we believe that that's where the highest quality berries are found we have several markers in place to ensure that our berries are the best premium quality they don't contain any undesirable additives or pollutants their certified organic of course and certified non-gmo both and that also third-party tested for a list of contaminants.

These are of the highest quality goji berries on the market I encourage everyone to try a goji berry all by itself they're chewy mildly sweet and delicious but rather than continue I will Hindu out the Julie from there well as you probably can see from the slide the dried goji berries they look a lot like little red raisins and frankly that's kind of how I think of them in terms of their culinary application as well they do taste a lot like a raisin maybe with a little bit of tartness almost like a little bit of a cranberry raisin sherry combo going on there and you can use them any way that you use raises.

I like to use them a lot in baking I'll put them in things like muffins or an oatmeal they're absolutely wonderful they do have a light sweetness to them.

I do sometimes like to blend them into things like smoothies or juices one of the more traditional ways while we're on the subject of beverages is actually to soak goji berries in hot water and drink them as a tea and it's surprisingly delightful because you have this really nice lightly sweet fruity tea and after you're finished drinking your tea you get too much on a little goji berry snack as the plum fairies down the bottom.

That's a really fun easy way to try them as well additionally goji berries are natural companion for kakao I now why they go.

Well together but they certainly do.

Any time you're making some sort of chocolate treat put some goji berries in those four color as well as nutrition and finally I like to use goji berries a lot in savory recipes as well interestingly when you try the the plums to ops goji berry after it's been soaked in water orange juice they almost tastes a little bit like an incredibly sweet cherry tomato and they go in places very much where other sorts of tomatoes or tomatillos might go.

Things like Saul says things like soups you can use them in pasta sauces you can use them anywhere where you might think give this could use a little bit of tomato a goji berry can come in and add a little bit of that tomato element as well as a little bit of sweetness which is a very very nice addition and of course they have that beautiful color to that gorgeous bright kind of orangie red rich with carotene and life of pain.

It's really really a wonderful thing to do just to boot the color of your recipes to awesome Thank You Julie.

Moving from China over to Canada. This is where we source navitas naturals typed products and hemp is another ancient superfood dating back thousands of years to the Kashmir region of India we offer both a gently processed shell the seed as well as hemp powder and honestly there's.

Much to say about temp that we could easily spend a full hour talking about it all by itself and I can say that about any of the foods that were covering but have has just had such a rich history and.

Many applications o'clock across industries it's been used throughout history and continues to be used for textiles rope making paper making food of course animal feed oil and then healing tinctures it really provides as much diversity and abundance as a food as it does for as many applications across version trees.

We're going to focus on hemp powder which one of its most notable attributes is its fifty percent protein content by weight hemp powder is a result of cold pressing unprocessed hemp seeds.

Once the hemp oil has been extracted from the fibrous material we're left with a protein-rich omega fatty acid rich mineral rich hemp powder and as a nutritionist temp is always one of my top three super food staples that I recommend for people it provides a broad spectrum of nutrients and contains all the essential amino acids making it one of the best plant-based proteins and well-rounded foods available temp is another superfood that's extremely versatile regarding its culinary application and julie's going to tell us how we can add a major superfood boost to a variety of dishes well have powder is a really interesting powder to use in different applications because of course it has a mild flavor it has a little bit of a nutty flavor to it but what I love about it is that it does have this protein and fiber boost which instantaneously makes foods more satiating basically whatever you're adding it to it's going to make that much much more satiating long term.

I love taking a little bit of flour out of baked recipes for example and replacing them with hemp powder and. This is a way to kind of infuse and sneak in some extra nutrition into trees which would otherwise be just kind of a you know nothing really going on nutritionally speaking and you'll never know the difference which is kind of the fun part i also like using it in a lot of unbaked recipes too because it's just a very easy ingredient to fold in.

For example you can make your own energy bars made out of truly the best of the best ingredients where every single ingredient has a purpose and a function and add in something like hemp powder a few tablespoons and get that protein and fiber thurs.

That you have that long term energy in terms of have ceased they have a really really wonderful nutty taste that's almost a little bit like a sunflower seed and. This is a great food too easily sprinkle on savory and sweet dishes on top of salads it's wonderful I like to mix it into soups like a split pea soup to add in a little bit of extra satiating protein and you can also make things like homemade veggie burgers add in tons and tons of extra protein using either the powder or the seeds.

Again we have a very versatile superfood great thank you again Julie you know I helped put these slides together but as we work through this presentation really I'm inspired to go home and crack open my pantry and start making some of these recipes these are beautiful.

Finally maka it is our last product and I can't deny or hide that. This is my favorite superfood part of me feels bad for the other super foods like they're my kids or something but I really do have a favorite and it is maca this was navitas naturals first product in 2003 and continues to be really a cornerstone product for our company we offer maca both in a raw or unprocessed form and we also offer it in a gelatinous form I do want to spend a moment on this infographic slide bringing attention to the agricultural wonder portion of the green graphic one of the most impressive characteristics of the maca plant is the environment that it grows in Makkah is native to and exclusively grows in high-altitude regions of Peru and Bolivia the beetus is marcos sourced from the genuine plateau in Peru which is located about 14,000 feet elevation where wind speeds can exceed 100 miles an hour temperatures during the hot sunny day can reach over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit and then temperatures at night can reach below zero.

It lives in a pretty challenging environment um where the soils are also nutrient scarce and maca is one of the only plants in the world to survive and thrive under these conditions its resiliency and strength to survive really speak to it's amazing nutritional qualities when we incorporate it into our diet food.

Although maca is not really a superfood that boasts big numbers as nutritional call-outs on a nutritional panel it does have a very complex array of alkaloids amino acids antioxidants and minerals it's such an important super food staple because of its ability to support the endocrine system for our body's hormones it's known as a true adaptogen which means that it helps the body adapts to external conditions at the hormonal level.

Marco works at the deepest level to maintain balance amidst our fast-paced and stressful lives really it helps balance both stress hormones and sex hormones and is another food superfood that really can't be understated Marquez adaptogenic qualities are really what makes it such a great super food for supporting energy and vitality and Julie if you want to talk a little bit about the raw maca culinary or sensory you know attributes then again we do have the gelatinize maca slide that will move on to for more discussion others touching it very briefly that in terms of flavor the raw maca powder does have a more potent flavor and we'll get into a few of the applications in a moment but i will say that masa is a tremendously fun superfood to work with especially as a chef I absolutely adore it because its flavor is not one that you can hide it's like the opposite of chia it's the sort of thing that either has to be celebrated or not use but there's many ways to celebrate it and I will go over that in just a moment cool.

One of the most common questions that we get when it comes to maka is what is the difference between your regular and gelatinize maka and the answer is that gelatinize a shin is a process that's exclusive to Makkah and one that involves heat.

We heat the root of the plant to the point where the starches breakdown and can be removed from the finished powder gelatinize ation they're going to create a nuttier tasting and more easily digested product some people prefer the low-temperature dried or the regular maka and some further gelatinize I say if you're new to maka it's worth trying to gelatinize first nutritionally they're nearly identical other than the lower carbohydrate in the form of starch you know that's picking out a vigil latinized maka but at this point you know I'll hand it over to Julie again if you want to talk a little bit more about the differences between the two and just touch on more of its culinary application sure.

As I said Makka has a strong flavor and if you've never tried it it's it's not something that you will forget quickly imagine something that is Murphy has notes of carrot has notes of radish and believe it or not has notes of butterscotch in there and that's the best way that I can describe Makka it's incredibly potent and the the gelatinize Makka because it has had its starch removed it does have a little bit more of a gentle flavor than the raw Makka does but both work incredibly well and you can use them both in very similar manners.

Makka has a tendency to really really have flavor friends and flavor enemies I'm going to call it just in terms of flavor that's not to say that if you want to use it in a certain application you can't I'm just talking about flavor here in terms of flavor enemies just that we can scratch those off on the list most fresh fruit.

Things like peaches or apples they're not going to be flavor friends for Makka also things like leafy greens fresh flavors like that Makka is way me too earthy for these flavors and.

It just is scanned out too much and not in a good way in terms of flavor friends though Martha goes miraculously well with other types of roots which may sense because markers root.

Things like carrot or parsnip sore tubers like yams and sweet potatoes maka blended into like a smoothie made with these ingredients or a different type of soup or even an ice cream goes phenomenally well and really brings out that butterscotch flavor that we love.

Much the recipe that you can see on this page the carrot moffat juice which is actually a recipe from one of my books superfood juices it's almost like a slushy and it's it's incredibly sweet and yet it has no added sugar to it but it just got that little sweet flavor element from the maca I also love using market in different types of baked recipes and maca I should say goes incredibly well with things like grains with uh with sugary foods sweet food things like eh things that have a lot of caramel flavor to them and probably the number one food that Makka goes well with is chocolate mocha and chocolate are best flavor friends and.

Any place that you're putting in some chocolate chips chances are maca is going to go incredibly well in there I will say that the one fruit that Makka seems to go well with is banana.

When you're making a smoothie at home and you're putting in some banana and some other like milk ingredients yogurt or some some chocolate chips or cacao nibs Makka a little bit of Makkah goes a long way to make that smoothie extra special and multi almost like an ice cream it's really a phenomenal flavor excellent thanks Julie and definitely a food that's worth exploring and finding out that what works for you. This is an amazing super food.

We've gone through the super food staples for this presentation but if you're still uncertain as to how you might experience or incorporate these foods into your I did want to mention that we have a line of super food snacks including this line of super food plus which is seeds and nuts that have been paired with the foods that we talked about today including all five of them the cacao chea goji hemp and maca these macs are a great way to experience these foods at the introductory level will also enjoying I mean really amazing super food benefits of the Gemelli process seeds and nuts like pumpkin almond and cashew I wanted to emphasize today the importance of this idea of enjoying your super foods as part of this superfood lifestyle and the world today we put a lot of demand on the next amazing product or food that's going to make us healthier and the foods that we offer are cultivated with care and brought to your store or pantry is integrity these foods have been honored and valued for centuries and have made such a profound impact in the world partly due to that honor and respect that we've had for them.

Super foods provide an immense amount of potential to support and improve health and well-being but that potential is really maximized by one's own intention and state of mind when you're consuming the food to further emphasize this point it's well known that the digestive system is controlled by the nervous system and if we're stressed out and we're rushing around or if we consume our foods ball or upset and the bodies really have fight-or-flight states those mechanisms are activated digestion is forestalled and compromise therefore nutrition availability is also compromised and we're really not receiving the full potential that these foods has to offer.

Some proven ways to improve that nutrient availability or the bioavailability of the foods is to breathe slow down when it's time to eat try chewing the foods slowly and thoroughly even if it's a smoothie. This is going to tell the body to get ready to receive this nourishment and effectively waken the digestive system eat minimally and low-temperature processed foods because we know that high heat reductionist processes additives preservatives these things absolutely compromise the body's ability to recognize the foods and then properly and efficiently break them down and then finally choose foods that are nutrient-dense foods that have higher concentrations of Total Nutrition per calorie are absolutely essential for true nourishment the takeaways for today are to try to know the story of your food where did it originate where is it sourced how it have been used culturally throughout the years or before with available in the States learn the mythology of the superfood what's your relationship with the food are you putting heavy demands on the food itself are you open to receiving the potential that the food has to offer begin with expressing appreciation or gratitude for these foods before you put them in your blender or your recipe or eat them out of the bag try being mindful of just how special they are and of course most of all enjoy your food superfoods don't shy from trying I want to do these amazing recipes visit our website experiment with the foods follow your senses follow your joy your intuition create and have fun.

I just want to thank you all for joining us today and I believe we will put it back on Colleen and then answer some questions great thank you guys for all that information and thank you julie for making me and i'm sure all the other participants very hungry now your skin now that begin to QA.

For all the participants if you haven't done.

Please type in any questions you may have into the question box we definitely have a few questions that came in already the first i think would be a question for Arthur is there a simple way to define super foods as to what makes a nutritious food friend from a superfood is there any certain criteria it has to fit into I mean again it's not really like operationally defined is there's a lot of foods that you could consider super foods that are highly nutritious you know and we can call them super I would say that the important part about it is that that food remains organic and non-gmo and really fun adulterated and trying to find it from a source that is either native to or has or you know tends to thrive in naturally.

The term superfood I think still remains ambiguous and people can have different definitions for what that means I would never tell somebody that kale is not a superfood or some of these other you know nutritionally abundant foods but part of that definition for us again is defining the food in from basically cultivation to table perfect thank you for clarifying that definitely a few questions came in people looking for easy ways to use super foods in meals meals on the go.

If you had to pick one super food that is the easiest to use or the most palatable for those new to using these super foods which would you choose maybe this question for Jules I'll take this one I would definitely go with GF just because it is.

Profoundly versatile one of the things that you can actually do if you are on the go a lot is get one of those little tiny canisters like almost like a little salt shaker except that doesn't have the holes on top.

You can pack it into your purse or in your car and Jenny when we take it with you.

Wherever you are you can sprinkle on a few chia seeds and it's one of those nutritional upgrades that's totally a better than nothing category of fruits of little upgrades I mean chia seeds do have that potential to add in.

Many omega fats and.

Much protein and minerals and fiber you're getting.

Much you're back with with chia seeds that that would be my most versatile one you know i can i can add a little bit to that and i would definitely agree on the chia and something that i do regularly is to just put chia in a regular you know 12 ounce water bottle and either throw it up with water or another beverage and then just shake it up and the chia will jellify a little bit but you essentially have a very nutritionist very nutritious drink that's hydrating and also you know has that fiber content which is a wonderful snack to kind of hold you over in terms of creating that feeling of fullness great thank you for that i know that i will probably be adding chia seeds to my drinks now i didn't know that you could just kind of toss those in there another question about chia seeds that came in um because of kia's absorption properties and the ability to keep you feeling fuller for longer would you recommend it as an ingredient for those who might want to lose weight I can respond to that you know I think a lot of these superfoods lend themselves perfectly for you know anybody's health regiment whether it's to lose weight or fitness related you know as long as they're used in a responsible way but chea as something that does help you feel full for longer is extremely nutrient dense where a lot of high fiber foods don't have that nutritional complexity to it.

I would definitely incorporate it into any health regimen regardless of what the goal is but certainly calorie wise you're getting your bang for your buck and then of course that that you know satiated feeling that you get from consuming them as well you know and as a disclaimer of course as just part of a healthy diet otherwise they're a great addition definitely. Okay, perfect and for those customers that are using chia seeds and also you know have a large workout regimen would you recommend it as in a way to boost athletic performance or allow for better endurance and training I would say yes absolutely is there's there's two pieces to that is you know gia does provide you know a good amount of magnesium and it does have the complete protein it.

It's a great just nutrient-dense food to incorporate you know into a workout regiment. However, the omega-3 content and Chia again is unrivaled by other foods even flax seeds and those omegas are going to work hard at reducing inflammation in the body.

If you're working out whether it's endurance or lifting weights your body will thank you for consuming large amounts of omega-3s to help cool it down you know after putting that kind of stress and work on your joints and bones I wanted to see what sorry I'm going back one question but i just wanted to incorporate one more thing about she is that because it does have that hydrophilic property of absorbing moisture it is really important to also remain hydrated I mean that goes without saying just in general Kurt is.

Important but you know consuming the chia seeds pre hydrated or adding them to a drink is wonderful and again they have that gelling effect in culinary applications but it's just all.

Important to remain well hydrated in consuming them because you don't want them to you know retain moisture from your digestive system as they move through it. Okay, great good to know and now moving on from Chia and over to go G berries Julie this question might be for you for someone who doesn't like the taste of goji berries is there a way to eat them that will mask the taste but you still get the nutrients oh yes absolutely yeah there's OG berries are kind of nice because they do have a sweetness that overpowers virtually anything else and.

For people who don't like the taste of goji berries I definitely recommend things like smoothies that have higher power flavors in them like pineapple or orange things that have a little bit of citrus or bike often mask the other underlying flavors of cherry and cranberry that goji berries offer I should also mention that desserts our wonderful place to hide the flavor of goji berries if you're interested in that chocolate is really really good at kind of taking care of any other flavor of sight from sweet.

All you'll taste is a little bit of sweet and not much else great and now this question might be for Arthur is there a thing as too much superfood or what are some good serving sizes for different superfoods or do you recommend taking superfoods in every meal or just once a day.

A couple questions is is there too much superfoods you know I would say like anything is to consume them in moderation do they incorporate them in you know a big part of why we really wanted to focus on the lifestyle pieces to incorporate them into your lifestyle rather than take them in such a regimented way you know as you would like a nutraceutical or even a supplement is to really enjoy the food than to listen to your body because oftentimes it really knows what it needs for nutritional nourishment and having a pantry or superfoods is a wonderful way to respond to that and to kind of navigate what your next meal or recipes going to be based on that relationship with the food you know I would say that the bag is certainly a starting point for serving size the i would also check out you know our website has the recipes themselves are a great way to figure out how to portion out the foods but otherwise some of the bags have you know suggested serving sizes on them and then otherwise just kind of you know if you pick up a handful of goji raised its it's less like something that you would pick up and maybe consume too much else you know I don't know how to explain that but oftentimes real nutrient nourishment kicks in with a food that can actually provide your body with what it needs.

It's a lot of calorie empty foods that will have you consuming too much of that food if that makes sense and.

I keep the second part of your question sure do you recommend taking superfoods in every meal or just once a day I think you kind of answered that yeah yeah that like I said is I would you know personally I have a small pantry of superfoods and I open it up in the morning or after a workout or wherever it might be and I go with what color I'm attracted to I go with what you know i'm i'm most excited to consume at that point because i'm not concerned about any of the foods not conforming to my health goals or anything like that it's um it's more you know enjoyment and just kind of you know playing it by ear in that regard. Okay, perfect.

On that little three-part question actually think we're going to wrap it up now but thank you everyone for attending and thank you arthur and julie for all of your great information just let the participants know if you have not already done.

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