Navitas Naturals Vanilla Almond Smoothie

Welcome to 60 second smoothies I'm Julie Morris and today we're focusing on how to pack in more protein in an absolutely dreamy vanilla almond smoothie here's what you'll need two cups of ice three large medjool dates three tablespoons of almond butter 2 tablespoons of goji berries two tablespoons of hemp protein powder one and a half cups of coconut water 1 tablespoon of luqman powder and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract I've already got two cups of ice in the blender here and our dates pits removed of course to sweeten naturally also some almond butter which will provide great creamy flavor and with almonds being an inherently protein-rich nut they'll also add to our awesome protein content then some goji berries which in addition to a wealth of micro nutrients are also a surprisingly good protein source including all eight essential amino acids just a quarter cup of go geez has four grams of complete protein in it super rare for fruit and all the more reason go geez are a superfood but our big-time protein boost comes from this fantastic hemp protein powder made from a hundred percent hand a single table spoon of this powder has almost 6 grams of clean plant-based easily digestible protein in it making it extra easy to meet your daily protein needs in a totally healthy fashion next we'll add our young coconut water use fresh coconuts if you can get them they taste amazing if not you can use the Box variety a tablespoon of luke my powder for just a hint of ice cream like sweetness and some vanilla extract for a little flavor that will blend this see how creamy this has gotten Wow seriously this smoothie tastes unbelievable and it's even cooler that we're able to pack 27 grams of protein into this blender thanks for watching and I'll see you soon right here on sixty-second smoothies you.

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