Navitas Naturals Very Veggie Smoothie

Welcome back to navitas naturals 62nd smoothies I'm Julie Morris and today we're looking at a very simple cleansing recipe the cool thing is you can use this blend at any time not just when you're on a full-blown cleanse it's a little lighter than your average smoothie kind of like a juice smoothie hybrid and super refreshing to make it here's what you'll need three cups of chopped cucumber a half a cup of chopped parsley 1 teaspoon of navitas naturals wheatgrass powder a third of a cup of lemon juice and one and a half cups of apple juice first we'll add some chopped cucumber for juicy green base in the smoothie if you're using organic cucumber you don't even have to peel it then we'll add some fresh parsley parsley is full of youth enhancing nutrients it stimulates the kidneys to eliminate waste and as a natural diuretic of course eating green doesn't get much more powerful than wheatgrass powder this powders extremely high chlorophyll content is key in making it an efficient detoxifier and because it's.

Packed with vitamins and minerals of all varieties it's very much out with the old in with a new type of superfood a third of a cup of lemon juice which is extremely cleansing as well and some apple juice for a touch of some fruits or sweetness if you like you can add a little bit of ice to thicken and chill the blend too ok. This is ready to go just look at that green vibrancy mmm there's something about this juicy smoothie that's.

Soothing like your body instantly knows that it's getting the good stuff thanks for watching and I'll see you soon right here on sixty-second smoothies.

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