Neon Split Cake Product Review for Diamond, Tag, Kryvaline Split Cakes

Hi I'm Shelly laughs niak and I'm Jessica mellow we're here with face paint calm to review the new young man book split cakes from crib one diamond defects and tag hi welcome to se screen Tom who's obsessed with one stroke rainbow split cakes we're reviewing tags crippling and I'm FX we love neon you love colors we love bright and we love strokes that come out very opaque.

We're going to start with the Creveling today as our first demo we have three neon rainbows over using and we're hoping to compare the three of them be able to describe how they differ from one another so. This is what the neon cribben rainbow looks like when you place it on I went over to twice but that's probably because the first time you load the brush it's always a little bit less than it is as you use it again and again throughout the day the colors look pre separate you can distinguish them from one another which is really nice is a nice neon bright color to it.

Remove on to the diamonds FX second it is also a neon rainbow more stroke I personally like to spray my cakes we've done help select them and get a strong consistent coverage on your brush and also beautiful alright so. This is the diamond effect it's really bright you can just English the college from one another they're very vibrant and I think it's pretty rainbow alright now we're gonna try a pad I didn't cheat we started loading it already just wanted you to see the lid.

You can see the label. Okay, there we go.

Neon Split Cake Product Review for Diamond, Tag, Kryvaline Split Cakes

Let's compare the three rainbows and let's decide what we think of them next to each other. Okay.

I'll start I happen to think that if I have to pick a favorite as terms of color and maybe it's because I'm partial to the neon pink that's standing out.

Much here in the diamond FX but visually that one's my favorite I think it's because the pink and the purple were separated and what it does is them from blending together and.

It creates more of a distinction between the pink blue and purple whereas I find with this tag the pink kind of blends right into purple is the blue which might be more realistic but and kind of losing that those shades over there on that side of the rainbow what you think disgust I actually agree I love the diamond effect the coverage is perfect and I like the separation of the purple and the pink the other ones it I don't know I think the pink is also different and the other ones it's the other one's almost not neon is more magenta exactly and this one is more of a neon pink and I love neon pink again very personal and just like any sort of face paint they they all have their pros and their cons and a lot of it really is based on personal preference and it's my personal preference leans toward the diamond defects just because of the color placement and the brightness of the pink. Okay.

If you look I scoop those tags over.

It lines up with a scribble end but the equivalent the tag colors are very similar and I love the pink sort of the neon light I love all the colors in fact and the pink here on to the diamond effect definitely looks more of an orangey tense under the neon light the purple stands out really beautifully but I do like the way the gradation works here under the backlight a lot it's really really pleasing and the yellow is really clear in general like the one that seemed to be running together the crevel and the tag seems to be running together under the natural light and onto the backlight the rainbow is a lot more separated and you can see like we really loved we both really love the pink in the diamond defects before and now the pink that was running into the purple is just standing up.

It's like a full-on neon pink rather than the magenta that it was showing in black in the daylight yeah creates a really beautiful ombre just all work together very mostly and definitely for a blacklight party I would recommend the tag or even equivalent and the German effects is great as well but for me I think it was just standing up the strongest under natural light and then the blacklight parties I would definitely go with the tag or the cripple in thank you for watching our review of our three products the links are posted below thank you for watching pasting calm and like and share with your friends bye you.

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