NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800 Review Best Gaming Router

The next generation of Wi-Fi is here experience a new level of Wi-Fi performance with total Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2.5 3 gigabits per second introducing the Nighthawk x4s AC 2600 smart Wi-Fi router Wi-Fi performance in mobile devices is often limited by its small size the result is slower Wi-Fi speeds for 4k video streaming or high-speed gaming enter the Nighthawk x4s the Nighthawk x4 s doubles the Wi-Fi speeds of previous routers to the newest mobile devices with its industry-first 160 megahertz bandwidth support ensuring the fastest speeds for mobile devices today and tomorrow also instead of sending data to one device at a time like traditional Wi-Fi routers the Nighthawk x 4s sends data to multiple devices simultaneously with mu-mimo and quad stream technology. This means you can stream your favorite 4k video to one device and play an intense multi-user online video game on a different device all at the same time the dual-core 1.7 gigahertz processor boosts both Wi-Fi and wired performance while dynamic QoS prioritizes internet traffic by application and device.

You'll experience lag free gaming and streaming say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones for external high-performance antennas with powerful amplifiers combined with beamforming plus ensure the best Wi-Fi coverage plus you can easily backup and stream your music photos or videos wirelessly to devices around your home simply by connecting external USB 3.0 or eSATA storage devices the next generation of Wi-Fi is here the all-new Nighthawk x4 s AC 2600 smart Wi-Fi router next year you.

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