New Nintendo 3DS Unboxing SUPER MARIO BLACK EDITION (Exclusively on Black Friday)

We have a new Nintendo 3ds Black Friday edition um 8 AC adapter is sold separately.

What that says right there 3d something not nobody listens to that thing um that's what it looks like super mario new Nintendo 30 x um no it's not the XL it's the one with the faceplates um it says the next dimension of entertainment the new Nintendo 3ds system combines next-generation portable gaming in a compact size with super stable 3d technology added control features an inch and our changeable color cover plates take 3d photos connect with friends and next enhance your gaming experience with added amiibo support right there that's where it says all that and it says the new Nintendo 3ds system plays all Nintendo DS games and tinned odious games will not appear in 3d the amoeba figures shown is not actual size and a subject to availability visit amiibo com for specific details of compatibility and functionality then super stable three dean built-in NFC which goes on the screen faster processing power that's one of the main reasons I got it besides the c-stick and amiibo that's the only reason I got it basically see stick for enhanced controls built in and meebo and NFC support right there and it's got the super famicom buttons all the applications that comes with it intendo a shop wonder why it won't focus see does our know my camera is crappy.

No it's not gonna zoom in very well nintendo eshop miiverse 3s camera me streetpass AR games face raiders and a new and improved internet browser that's what it looks like on the sign it has the mario theme in the mac i guess they go with mario for everything now um what is it oh yeah right there super mario black edition that's where it says it I'm.

Let's unbox there's a little tab on the side um on the side where that is mario and the other characters I'm going to pause this in unboxing I'll turn it this way and actually had it right new nintendo 3 3ds XL manual AR cards come it comes with this and then its eyes only and right here yeah that shows you how to change the faceplates it's in English Francis and testimonial there's the top cover plate oh.

That side and the new and improved bigger up the mini series of the new Nintendo 3ds slide that out like that that's what it looks like says new Nintendo 3ds um it's an all black.

You can't see if Millie I'm just gonna do the closet while I try you must see you a number I don't want to be that way famicom buttons see stick bigger screen start and select are back where they used to be right there home button right there circle pad and deep i larger screen camera with infrared see you can see that and volume sliders at the top right here now very my fingers and 3d super stable which uses infrared in the camera.

Now that we got that all squared away i'm going to pause it and put the face plate on. Okay.

That's what the new 30s looks like with the base plate and Famicom buttons I put in a game too.

Both faceplates this one Luigi's right there you can see him see and Mario it's kind of hard to see you know oh I set up everything to see I that smash bros camera music me maker that's on its original theme streetpass he shot a our games days Raiders activity in 10 days home download play alright that's the theme I have there's two different types of thing oh and on settings you can it has a meatball you can get the home menu manner wireless communication and NFC power saving mode auto brightness on notice the difference right there screen brightness change the basic red blue yellow pink black do not use simply that default notifications and i'm going to show you the AR cards but what's up. All right.

These are the default AR cards they we have the mystery box one mario to my kirby samus and pikmin picnic.

I have extras to that i got from nintendo eshop cards they are versions. All right, and there's our piece for Mario Kitt Peak browser and boom bah please new super mario edition um that's the unboxing for today and um also have a taste for my 3ds I'll show you right here legend of zelda majora's mask and loose it's got the moon it's pretty cool looks like that. All right, all right well later go.

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