New PAW PATROL Mission Nickelodeon Marshalls Rescue Rover & Chases Three Wheeler Dinosaurs Unboxing

Wow guys great to see you again today we New PAW PATROL Mission Nickelodeon Marshalls Rescue Rover & Chases Three Wheeler Dinosaurs Unboxing paw patrol toy he's a new our mission paw patrols that have like the animated our mission all Lockhart.

They are really cool and this one is Marshall's rescue rover that comes with Marshall and this one is chase three-wheeler that comes with a cool shape what guys today is the day of the big great let's go ahead and check out our racers wow we have three wheel change we have Marshall and his fire vehicle robo-dog anted vehicle over here we have rubble and his those there and Robo dogs friends robo-dog and Zuma and rocky also look at this race on the road guys ok today we are going to start the race with three surprise racers you know who they are oh boy I don't even know who they are let's go ahead and do third it to push the starting button racers all your set get ready the winter it was a close one robot dog is the winner yay time for race number two ok we have our surprise racers all ready to go . This is a brand new team let us see who they are on your mark get set yeah robot dog has won again wow look at that he'd be out rocky and Zuma by quite a bit Roble dog go ok now we have three brand new racers again well one of them is Robo dogs because he's won the other races.


Without further ado on your mark get set Oh Phil to look it was the other robo-dog and Robo dog has be robo-dog and rubble roll verbal. Okay, now since robo-dog is to champion we're going to take him out and have the other racers race for second play yeah a roll dawg great job ok we have three new races but before we check them out it's time to check out the mission card let's see what the mission card says oh wow that looks like a big question mark ok times it starts ray. Okay, is everybody as excited as me. This is going to be also up on your mark get set and oh who is the winner Oh is to close one check that out but it looks like Rocky has beaten Marshall by just a fraction of an inch a rocky.

New PAW PATROL Mission Nickelodeon Marshalls Rescue Rover & Chases Three Wheeler Dinosaurs Unboxing

Not Rocky has to be two more contenders let us see they are surprised one who are you ready on your mark get set and who is the winner yay robot has done it roll on the double ok and. This is for the championship guys who will it be robble one last rate could he win this one can he win the championship for second place behind global dogs I don't know it's gonna be a tough one.

Let's get this race on the road but before we do let's check out the new mission card what is it oh it's there but you keep disappearing wow this time we have to mission card all know what was that oh it's an island Marshall wow awesome ok and here we go for the championship would take a look on your mark get set in who is the winner marshall has won the race check that out just by its tiny bit he has beaten roll Marshall and robo-dog are the winner and you guys have anything to say raise guys i hope you guys can check out the next race is going to be a lot of fun Oh No while these guys are celebrating the Dinos are attacking it's the mighty t-rex he's good at tax Domitian cruiser quick somebody help it's rubble dogs look he's launching himself while he knocked over the mighty t-rex Robo we need clean up on the devil know the mighty indominus rex is coming out he's headed right for Marshall what can he do click Marshall launch he knocked him over of what what there's two velociraptors one is attacking quick chase lodge our chase maximum over here comes the final one roll quick logs are rubble goddamn rubble on the double yay the pups have one now it's time to celebrate let's check out their new mission card oh they have to go to save their friend mr. ow wow guys that was also and here is a good look at the back of them are both of these work with the new our mission Cruiser which is really cool the nice big one I'll be doing view of that it's their office semi truck and is the launcher this mission pop are on the case and the figures can ride inside and here is the other figures that comment that i will try to repeat them off as you get and sorry I sound a little funny today guys I am fighting the flu but i did want to shoot got soft toys ok guys.

Here they are i really like these mission cards they're really cool if you turn it to change.

here you've got like the outlying the out sitting on a 3-inch really cool and then there you can see Marshall like popping in and out of you and on the back this fall patrol mission all and then here is the chase one so. This is showing there are there big semi-truck is showing some guy here that look re.

I really like that but the coolest thing is their vehicles.

Here you got Marshall rescue rover it's like a little off it's a really cool little off if this to be like some type of off fire truck fire rescue truck and he got like to hold well let's take a look at marshalls to he's got a really cool uniform on his head does turn he's got a red and black uniform with a flat tax are read in black helmet.

He's really cooled his head does turn and the with the holes on his feet go ahead and put him into here quite secure.

When you use it with the launcher he's not going to just fall Awful's the launcher and then let's go ahead and take a look at our chases three-wheel police this this looks like it would be a motorcycle so. This is really hit three wheel motorcycle has like zero to one on the front of the side and then on the front and just the Stars got the police light look at the back in the bottom and then I've got a really cool chase figure that was his head will turn got a black backpack his front all legs through whose blue and black outfit nice-looking he also has holes on the bottom here.

that you can put him into vehicle securely.

When you use the launcher he will not fly out also . Okay, and there's both of them let me know which one of the two you like the most yeah that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video into a secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comments section option on the video I know you remember my club with the video and there's that all the corner lot more fun videos click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos that if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button.

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