NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Air Patroller Toys Air Rescue Chase Marshall Rubble Zuma Rocky Skye Toys

Presenting a growing little ones video hey everybody we've already done a video of this cool air patroller I guess what's in this box it is the mission paw air patroller we're going to go ahead and get it out I'm.

Excited about putting the mission paw air rescue pups in its new air patroller and pull it out are you ready to see it oh there it is look it is gray and blue with red stripes and. This is a mission paws air patroller for season four on Nick jr. now let's go ahead and get it out and we will get it all checked out and see what it does here is the old air patroller and it comes with Robo dog and let's see what the new air patroller comes with you ready to find out open this up oh gosh string here who is this its mission paw chase.

The new air patroller comes with mission paw chase his front legs move and here are some direction right here and let's see mission plot chase can sit in here like this and Robo dog can come over and sit in like this now they're both driving the air patroller will close up the list up now this mission paw chase will fit in a mission Paul beam the vehicle he has a flashlight. This is his vehicle all for season four or he will fit in his mini three wheeler and he snaps right in there just like that and. This is a mission Paul mini vehicle or you can come in here and ride in the air patroller if you push this button you get the sound effects slide just like an airplane and just landing can turn the propellers and then if you go like this it turns into a helicopter you can see how it lights up right here and right here.

It lights up with sound and then back here is where you can store your mission Paul air rescue pod here are all our air rescue pups and. This is the mission paw air rescue set there is Marshall and Skye rubble he's got a cool hover board you push this button and woof he's ready to hover here is a rescue rocky and all their pup packs come off and then you can store them and back up here just like that there is Zuma and take his pup pack off.

NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Air Patroller Toys Air Rescue Chase Marshall Rubble Zuma Rocky Skye Toys

These are really cool there is chase air rescue he has a glider look at that.

You can fly here is Marshall he's got a really cool pup pack but not only do we have the air rescue pucks we also have the other set of mission pawpaw these are really cool here is Ryder with his skateboard he can ride on top of this look how cool he looks he's ready for a mission paw mission paw to the rescue he's got his glasses on.

He can talk to his pups he looks really neat when he's all done with his mission paw his skateboard goes on his back like that haha and here is rocky and chase he's got his toe hook roof Staubach and here is Rocky's pup pack then we have Marshall is hydro launcher pup pack hydro launcher very nice Marshall and here is rubble with his claw these are all mission Paul pups Skye with her jet pack super super neat and last but not least Zuma one two three foot back look at that you've got some cool orange glasses on he's ready for mission Paul rescue alright we're all loaded up time to take off [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter]. This is a really cool set I was excited to share it with you if you have any questions place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys thanks guys all happen is all happen and all fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one will the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you detain if you depend but Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved if you will be saved.

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