NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Full Size Theme Mission Pup Vehicles Chase Marshall Rubble Skye Zuma

Presenting a growing little ones video sky jungle rubble needs a lift I'm on my way pulling out the hook dog and lifting hey everybody you're not going to believe it we have the rest of the mission Paul full-sized vehicles. This is chases mission police cruiser and it has a spotlight. This is really really neat we've already opened in another video the Marshall firetruck. This is the mission paw firetruck that it comes out. This is the mission Paul Marshall and then we have the mission paw rubble he's got a jackhammer on the back and a bulldozer on the front and we have mission Paul rubble because that was a really fun video but in this video we've got chase rocky Zuma and Skye.

We're going to unbox all of these we've already done a video of some of the new mission paw figures and. This is rocky with his radar scanner look at that new pup packs for the new missions in barking bird it's going to be coming in season 4 it's going to be.

Much fun and look at that cool visor I wonder what he will look like sitting in his new vehicle that'll be fun here is the rubble he's got a cool visor and look at that pup pack love these new figure range here is Zuma and she was really cool with his sonar cam Zuma ready to dive on in and here is Marshall with his hydro launcher and push his pup tag he uses this to get rid of a mudslide he's a really useful pop he's going to look good in his new fire truck but let's go ahead and get these unboxed let's start with Zuma it's really cool here we go better than bring the scissors in here that's it there we go ah look at that that's a little different from the regular Zuma vehicle and we got to get suma out of here here is our mission pause Zuma is front legs move this snaps on right here just one good look at that but I'm.

Cool-looking and Zuma he is ready to go Wow wow that rolls really nice too Oh too much rescuing zoomin now let's check out our news you my character in here it is cool pup back to be fit oh you can sit like that yeah oh you fell out alright that's enough fun with Zuma let's open up chase Matt here we go we're going to push this upside down and pop it open right here unlock it and here it is really cool vehicle it's gray and black and blue and we got to get chase out there in chase it's a good-looking mission pawpaw.

NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Full Size Theme Mission Pup Vehicles Chase Marshall Rubble Skye Zuma

Chase Zuma rubble and Marshall come on Macleod he's riding and he has a spotlight you can shine his light and help everybody see it's going to be really useful in barking burg with their new mission cause very very neat and here is chases mini mission calls vehicle and this character can transfer over here just like that and now he's in his three wheeler ah - really awesome mission Paul vehicles and it's same for rubble rubble on the double here is his mini minor and this transfers over like that and you have the mini minor then we have Zuma's vehicle and we'll put Zuma inside is this you go in the new mission Cruiser here is Marshalls and Marshall and his rescue vehicle here's the mini rocky yep and the mini sky and Skye's transforms into a helicopter and then back into a bike. This is their tiny mission Pau vehicle let's go ahead and open up Rocky's full size vehicle like this yep full size vehicle now we need to just get rocky out and here is the mission Paul rocky fits right in there and this opens up can you store things in the back and he has tools on the front of the cassette they bent but he can help lifting that's really cool and what can we lift oh you got a spy chase he's lifting them this um lifted him up in the air rocky put me down sorry chief here I'll put you in your vehicle ah that's much better you're welcome this may be my favorite. This is really cool let's open up sky now here we go what's that cool vehicle Sky's mission helicopter and sing it up whoo there's a hook down here. This is looking pretty cool I think it's going to be a little different than the traditional sky vehicle what is under here and I turn this turn then if we're almost there oh wow it's got a hook.

She can lift things. This is awesome I can roll on the ground like this and these pop up the other one but then down here we can hook things see we need something to lift sky jungle rubble needs a lift I'm on my way pulling out the hook and lifting and bringing him down safely there you go rubble whoop hook and we're back on the ground mission Paul complete thanks guys you're welcome time for me to take off but if you have any questions place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys thanks guys Oh Edison is all healthy and all fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you deep legs if you deep taste the Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be say yes to we'll be safe.

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