NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Marshall Rubble Rocky Zuma Pup Packs Chase Pull Back Racer Pup Toys!

Presenting a growing little ones video hey everybody we've got more mission paw paw patrol toys look at this they have brand new action packs and. This is Marshalls he comes with a new mission card that we can put in the pup pad is the Marshall mission paw we've had the mission paw many vehicles now tiny it is and some of the mission paw full-sized vehicles to the difference in size and we've had the mission paw air rescue pups mrs. Marshall with his air rescue pack but now. This is the mission paw with the new action packs he's got a little visor on he looks really cool we've also got rubble with his new action pack zoom up he's got an orange visor on there ready to go to barking bird and rocky we don't have chase or sky yet and this specific set.

We're keeping an eye out for them but we do have the brand new pull back chase and his legs go out like this and you roll him back and he zoom forward and I can't wait to open this up it looks super cool and he hits the pup tag so. This is going to be super neat but let's go ahead and unbox Zuma rubble Marshalls and rocky and then we will open this up at the very end.

Stick around for that let's get rocky out first here is our rocky figurine he's got a green visor on and here's his action pack but these new pups are.

Cool just press the pup tag and wallah he's green and black and we have to get out his mission card oh no the door is all filled in with dirt.

NEW Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Marshall Rubble Rocky Zuma Pup Packs Chase Pull Back Racer Pup Toys!

He's going to have to dig it out let's get our pup pad and it'll tell us more about this secret mission here's our mission paw pup pad slide this inside and press the red button paw patrol to the lookout there's pig cage enough you're my rock aren't you and you are radar scanner he needs rocky in his radar scanner beep baby baby baby press foot.

Wants to collect pup we're gonna press rocky Oh rubble I need you and your mini-minor oh and we need rubble and his mini miner no job is too big no pup is too small they cleared out the mind and Rocky's action pack is a radar scanner that is really cool now who should we open next let's open up rubble rebels here is our rubble figurine and his action pack got a little claw on it you press this pup tag and it pops open he's got a yellow visor and a black and yellow outfit let's get his mission card out here we go and put it in the pup pad looks like the soccer goal is broken let's hit the red button broken ruble IQ and you are free we need rubble and his crane rock I just you and you want your pack we need rocky and his tool pack oh wow it looks like they fixed it what a good job see how rubble has a new action pack here very cool.

We have rubble and rocky let's open up Zuma next does his ummah out of here. Okay, he's got an orange visor and an orange and black outfit and this pops down just like this and press in tough tag and it pops back up head turns I wonder what Zuma's mission is let's find out let's hit the red button today come on I knew it you are not our cam oh we need Zuma in his sonar cam Rock IQ and you are free our scanner we rockin his radar scanner oh no job excuse me no pup is too small they found the keys.

Here is his sonar cam and rocky helped out very cool last but not least we have Marshall and then we'll open up the chase pullback racer open up Marshall is the Marshall figurine he's got a red visor and a red and black outfit when you press his pup tag his action pack pops up mission pas to the rescue let's find out what Marshalls mission is looks like there's been a mudslide how much light has blocked the road Marshall I'm you and you are ikura watcher Oh a hydro launcher hey I'm Hugh and you are three wheeler hey Lenny chase. Okay, wow look at that he's using it to get rid of the mud what a good job.

This action pack is a hydro launcher can use it to get rid of the mud. All right, let's get chase the pullback pump out pullback in relief gate included we just got rocky and Marshall pullback pops we'll be getting those in the mail soon and we'll have three pullback pots it'll be.

Cool thank you she has wheels on the bottom that's that and let's give him a go here's the gate on your mark get set go oh he went the wrong way let's try again ah we almost got in it this time one two three we did it he knocked the whole thing over one two three one two three oh we get it on your mark get set go on your mark get set go and then when you're all done trying to get him to hit the pup tag his legs fold back down just like this we can stand just like a regular pup but if you have any questions place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for a lots more toys thanks guys Oh happen it's all happening and all fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you deep think if you declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved if you will be saved.

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