Hello my beautiful people.

I'm gonna be doing a quick review of these awesome Revlon kiss balms and I have four of them I believe there's two more a cherry one and a coconut like flavor and these are just.

Adorable and I usually I don't like Revlon as like over all the drugstore brand I mean I've been like a little bit disappointed with some of their products in the past and it's just not one of my favorite brands but these are just extremely awesome um there's the flavors that I have is Apple berry strawberry and peach and these are tinted lip balms and they're really great because they smell amazing and they actually have like a little bit of a sweet flavor I mean not like that makes it like a huge difference but they are really great and they are tinted and these are what they are tinted.

Let me flip these around like this.


I have the on the bottom is the Apple one and that one is absolutely my favorite cuz there's I don't think there is a lot of like apple flavored or Apple scented products especially like for the lips and.

I feel like this one is really nice and it actually smells like apples and.

That one is my favorite and it has like a little reddish tint then you have the one right above which is a very mixed berry tinted one it's this one and that one smells really good too then you have the strawberry one and.

The berry and the strawberry are really similar in the tint um they're very close in the color that they that they you know show off and then the last one right here on the top is peach and that one is the most like neutral type of 1/10 but they all smell delicious like I said my favorite is Apple if I if I would have to grade them from like my favorite - my least favorite from these four I would do my app was my number one then the peach one because it just smells.

Delicious and then probably the berry and then the strawberry and the just great you know there I always carry a lip balm in my purse and.

I feel like these are absolutely great to keep in your purse or but on your nightstand like by by your bed at night and these are just great and they smell oh my gosh.

Freakin good and there's they are SPF 20 and there is point zero nine ounces in here.

And. This is what they look like they're kind of screw they screw out like this and there's quite a bit of product as you can see.

It's like a regular chapstick and they they just smell.

Good especially this Apple one like I can't get over how good it smells like I've been using it almost every single day and.

I might get the coconut one and the cherry one but cherry isn't usually like my favorite scent and lip balms or chapstick.

That's why I got these four and I would I would have definitely recommend them like I'm actually surprised of the Revlon's lunch of these and I don't know I really like them.

Those are like the swatches of like the tinted color that they provide and they're just great overall.

Thank you guys.

Much for watching hopefully you guys subscribe to my channel I do bunch of like makeup swatches and just beauty reviews and just all over the beauty world products.

Thank you guys.

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