Hi guys welcome back to my channel today I have another lip swatch video for you I went to Sephora and but some of the new cream lip stains I had already some of the old colors.

I'm also gonna with watching those and yeah let's decide first color I will swatch is this one which I got the package could do you see how close this packaging is I have no idea white like that.

I'm going to take it with a lip brush and applied because I cannot wait all this product man now I have number 24 burnt sienna you're right Wow [Applause] next is number 25 Cora some tests [Music]. Okay, lastly I have number 33 pink peony on your heart rate and and I you can see you discover it within each other you forgiving man I am though. Okay, now I want to show you the for all colors that I have I actually think that one of them this one was number six I don't remember anything they discontinued this color and change this but these three are still available to angle should be now we have the color 9 what smells like [Applause] [Applause]. Okay, now we have one of my favorite I've had it for two years and it's one of my favorite read of all times and it's number zero one always read now it's time for another fancy read is number 13 Marvel's move No No. Okay, guys.

These are all the structures of the new historic English things actually both all the new I really hope you enjoyed this video and that you find it helpful if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up to subscribe to my channel and to follow me on all my other social media also let me know down in the comment section below which colors do you have and which colors do you wanna buy I highly recommend these are extremely faint they are one of my favorite for mass of liquid lipstick of all time.


I really highly highly recommend them thank you very much for watching or we get an out in the next video.

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