Nintendo News: Three New Wii U Bundles, New Wii U Gamepad High Capacity Battery & More

Hello my name is north and bring you some Nintendo news on to my channel. This is regarding Europe and UK.

If you're living in America and unfortunately this news isn't related to you but to all of my Europe and UK subscribers then this news is related to you and the first piece of news I have to bring you is that Nintendo now have an online retail store instead of got all of the games on their hardware as well but the one thing I must say about online stores at the game surprise proper dealer and you know I think the best place to get you wii u games court that is amazon UK because they've got some great deals on wii u games at the moment but yet in turn dough over here you can you're up they now have an online store i do believe it's just nintendo UK outlet and that just has the online store but yet got an online store now but like i said before the game surprise proper dealer.

I won't really buy anything buy anything from nintendo the next piece of news i have to bring you is that over here in UK on amazon UK there's now a wii u gamepad battery or high-capacity battery and a winmo rapid charging set and currently the wii u gamepad the battery for that is proper limited it's only got like a five hour battery life and i do believe this wii u gamepad and you know obviously gives you longer play time have heard somewhere that it extends it to eight hours but i'm not exactly sure on that.

Please don't take my word for that but it definitely does improve the Wii U gamepad's battery life just let me know if you're going to be getting this over him your Europe and UK let me know if you guys going to be getting this and you guys over in America would you want this to be sold of in America and would you guys be interested in that it's currently being sold at 24 99 over on amazon UK it's a purpose that I'd probably might do in the future but at this moment I'm I want to be able to buy a games and. This is just not that important for me the winmo trapping charging set comes with a winmo rechargeable battery charging cradle winmo jacket and wrist strap as well as an AC adapter and that is priced at 4499 also let me know if you're going to be picking this up in the comment section below and the last piece of news I have to bring you is that there are free new wii u bundles over here in Europe the first one that is coming out eight from the van bar that is a Mario and Luigi premium pack that is a 32 gigabyte deluxe model with a single disc containing both new super mario brothers you and you see blue edu it's been rumored for a long time and I've do believe this bundle is going to cost 250 pound or two hundred forty nine ninety nine and then X bundle that's coming out the 15th or November is the wii party u basic pack and there is an a kickabout basic model with disc versions of we part you and in turn the land and a wiimote applause is also included which is pretty nice and on the twenty-second on the van bought that is a just dance 2014 basic pack making about basic model with this versions of just dance 2014 and nintendo land and the wiimote applause is also included and no price of that has can't have been released at the smoking time but basically they've got one bundle dedicated towards the hardcore nintendo fans and i've got two bundles to cater towards the casual market which i do believe i think is a smart thing to do because the casual market definitely out numbers to hardcore market.

I think these two bundles the last two bundles will definitely improve wii u sales r us what I think anyway, over here in UK because can't let in the Wii U is struggling over here in UK and I think the last two bundles will definitely improve the wii u sales over here in the UK I definite like to see them do a Mario and Luigi software bundle and for people like myself who haven't picked up needs to be my brothers you and you see the weed you at is something which would like to see but you know I'm definitely picking up those two games not currently not at this moment I'm but I'm definitely picking up those games in the future.

Yeah let me know your thoughts on these pieces of news any comments section below and I'll see you in my next Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video which will be uploaded later today I've also got a black ops 2 commentary coming up later today as well.

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