What arbors week suggests that having smelly feet may change the way a mosquito carrying malaria is attracted to you everything's off everything's working you can go high next meal.

We got to go up to that don't mean yeah we do an Apple foot box Wow.

I'm going to talk about spots every medication thank you pedicure spot is a different there's a difference between going to a saw and going to a regular nail salon I created a difference of going to a right on yon salon and then just going to a fall on saw and the type of services that you receive and then the lack of personally I felt party want me to do after I've never done any type of things on my feet.

You're going to be educated if anything that hello well what do you usually do just Bob head of hair Bob pedicure. Okay.


If I wanted to do a spots headed here basically with the been tell to go get a spot out here at a nail salon yeah you're usually going in and they're going to go in removing a nail polish that you have they're going to clean it your soul if you're going to you know fuck your feet we're gonna make your nails all night.

Usually gave you a massage some places my shame is I for you for cleanup sonic style it's supposed to be a relaxing experience depends on where you go what's that the cancer we all know that yes you're obviously we don't know that but I wasn't trying I wasn't going to go to a full-on spa you know with the bathroom check-in and dermis and that wasn't going born I really wanted to get my nails done but I was hoping it would be like a little bit more serene of an experience right Natalie I would think that people go just for the drama do you want to people watch if you want to see the drama Danielle salon is a place to go to I hate feet I've already dated see what you can have nice feet if you take care of it.

There's a different options you've done the spa you've done the nail care.

We're going to try it maybe this other alternative that you can possibly do and ho ho makes more relaxing well what about the map.

Let's say you do once a month $25 a month.

Top 25 times 12 we're gonna we're gonna put the coat up this off our head.

That number will be.

You might back Bob something like that.

A year you basically spend more or less three hundred dollars on your feet and one of the first things to go when you're trying to you know it's curve you're spending and money is those extra things like a manicure or a pedicure that you can do at home and.

Because pedicure plus two but the frequency in which are doing it it's just money or you know you're hanging somebody else yeah and something that you could probably take care unto yourself yep.

We're going to give this thing a try see if it's something worth doing at home you think.

I know it you think it going to be good well we're going to find out right now if it is let's check it out oh. This is what I found when I was getting my pedicure I found this beautiful home attic foot spa on Amazon and it had he troubles and massage well as a no dirty stuff thankfully. All right, a pedicure center to join a spa treatment at home blue could you give me watching some of your shows on that now and getting your spa treatment pretty cool yeah then it has more pedicure attachment wants to soften once the cleanse wants to relax your feet and soles I have really high arches but it should be interesting there's my gosh see that.

It's just beside that thing right there now so. This is actually going to help me out because you know men women becoming a man you know giving that foot massage and some of us don't really like to do that.

Get on one of these libel you has a heat boost power and.

It's heat and the sock the way it heats within minutes.

We're going to see if it does cut out. All right.

Let's open it up first you think you struggling to open it but there's just like a little flap I getting like like. This is there's the sign that's it that's right here.

Bad that's why you need wet tired lines on the bottom put stuff right but don't bow let's open this up google annual big on every demand clean hand off it seems like there's one already on there putting head on there ready and then you get three different style heads that was just one person no set a little roller little brush and a little still one for the rough stuff not Bunton nothing what do we do press the button I get a cop really fast they're pretending class well we spoke fabulous she has view it's getting there oh yeah good good warm yeah where I'm at now I feel like about 20 to 30 seconds we get some wine for cheap water water is not an advertisement yeah.

She hates me I hate B she hates me more everyone more like yeah because my dear first to the short and stuff but I would say you have a nice large and I see the baby that has to do with you taking care of your feet other hand yeah those are neck not cuisine raver subscribing to again try the middle Schofield can we experiment people in a crime.

Let's try the other knob alright let's try the other knob. Okay.

Now was the one that came with it was already built into it and then when you want to try it out. Okay, oh yeah the storage squirt that means that there you go the farmer you but they're bad I mean are there if you want some beers actually trying to go to the pool stay here you're not going to be able to yeah I want to get a good scrubbing bring out you've got lots of dips in we're left to heal they're easily crossed to dry yeah commercial right do you think maybe that you feel beautiful nice and smooth yeah yeah you're right that's all the way to the right oh that feels good tingly well I feel like I'm in a Jacuzzi or something all these rollers here oh and like if you push back and forth their rollers that feels really good on your on the bottom.

Love your Wow I can actually go to sleep like this bubbles and the stroller the heat it feels good.

What did you think about this experience and I think yeah I actually feel really good I got to the point where I'm even closing off with a Pokemon.

Please like comment subscribe below you're right and you guys next time right.

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