Noley | Runescape | Sacred Clay Shield

Oh you do it slowly and I can I shoot this video I told you I was going to make that black of this video of sadly mistaken I actually expected like I didn't expect to be easy to get but I definitely didn't expect it to be like something like the river shit in the fucking game like this like that Third Age of mini game items like I don't even think there's a person with one piece yet like there I've checked phone I've checked every fucking like runescape checking everything no one has anything like no one I was doing pyramid plunder with has it know when a divination has it I don't know if anyone does have it but point is I haven't seen it not even a twirl do G.

That might take a little longer than I expected but instead as i was reading through that update not too long ago I realized it was new rewards stealing creation I'm like. All right, fuck it we're just going to hover there it's actually new shield there that uh no we've bought the good son look at this shit 214 points instead of going a whole shitload that check it check it tripper look at that look at that there's the shield ed that's funny like a shield well that's just my girl rotate look at that see I got a little sword for melee you can change at any time to where it's strong against range major melee let's see that's 64 alright that's not bad it's not that bad actually I mean he could be better getting the fact that fucking thing gets like check shit yeah it's just like that and probably reduce just as fast the other armor.

It's probably really shit. All right, let's see exactly what the fucking bonuses are like with my full gear alright see you a chicken I got my fucking gear out of the bank attacks take a lot longer do you think and. All right, let's see. All right, yeah that's it that's not that bad bonuses now we're going to do my very inspector killing gear and we're going to fucking change the shield yeah morph into national against magic attacks. All right, now looks.

Good age defense 142 it's it's not about let sugar the stats on that now it is plus 30 mage defense that's not bad not bad I kind of like that actually pretty sick I'm pretty sure that's the same as spectral not one hundred percent spectrum i p-40 I don't know betta watch the head mine yeah it's been always pretty much just showing you the shield and letting you pretty much know that i don't know if i'll be making that black a bit shit i don't know if i'll be able to get it but i hope i can like I really want it but I don't know he don't know anyway, it's been no we I was again I'm be making videos about every single like one of these if I can like little mini game rewards might do pass control tomorrow as for that type that's it forbids the night though that's for damn sure anyway, as always oops.

Noley | Runescape | Sacred Clay Shield

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