Nu Finish Car Polish Review Reviews

Hi my name is Bill and I just polished my car with new finish and I bought this 1989 it's a 24 year old car from the original owner and I'm understand that she started using new finish ever since it came out on this 1989 24 year old car.

Let's take a look I just polished it and I would say that's not too bad of a job of course it was in great condition before I polished it it was nice and clean and it was shiny but this really takes the cake.

Let's take a walk around look at that hood closer I just polished my van with it yesterday a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan it turned out great - you know what I polished the big van and this smaller Mustang by far and I still have polishing the bottle they give you a lot of polish I could probably polish two vans with the Polish 1989 Mustang 25 years anniversary car came out in 64.

1989 was 25 years the 25th anniversary of Mustangs breed and this looks pretty much like a rolled off the factory floor pretty much I mean it's got some use engine runs great the paint is great its original paint by the way original paint you can take good care of things if you take good care of things.

Nu Finish Car Polish Review Reviews

Get some new finish polish do yourself a favor keep your car looking good personal pride I've seen some people have a brand new car within six months look like they were living in and wet McDonald's McDonald's crap all on the inside they have dents all over it and they don't wash it as rusted as some people have no regards for their cars and yet some people usually the more money you spend a BMW you're going to take care of the thing definitely if you own Rolls Royce. This is a classic car 1989 Ford Mustang this one happens to be five speed four-cylinder great great mileage I'm getting thirty miles a gallon on the freeway.

There she is proofs in the pudding what a gorgeous polished job with once the air new finish the once a year car polish my name is Bill Kieffer until next time I do want to mention on application of this new finish and I got the bottle which is a liquid it very easy to put on I mean it is very easy now I worked it in a little bit I applied it onto the cloth and then I put it on a small area and then I worked it in ice world it you know clockwise for a while and then I came back and I swirled a counter clock-wise for a while.

I actually did probably more rubbing that what you need to do but I wanted to work this chemical into the metal because I understand metal I used to deal in plastic injection molding and polymers Co polymers and metals and what-have-you.

I understand the you know you really don't have to work it but I worked a little bit more by hand not with a buffer all by hand and it took me about 20 minutes where this Mustang is pretty small.

Took me about 20 minutes to actually apply it and I'd work it and I like I said I'd start at the top and I put apply a little bit to the cloth and I'd go with you know clockwise for a while and then I'd work in that area then I'd come back while it's still wet and I'd go counterclockwise and I'd work it in working and coming back.

I probably spent you know more time than I needed but I knew what I wanted to achieve I wanted to work the chemical into the pores if you will of the metal.

It would do a great job and the proof is in the pudding.

Easy to apply and you know what rubbing it off is easier than applying it I mean you just take like took a couple dish towels and it just it's effortless I just take it a six-year-old say hey Johnny go take this towel and go wipe down the car away and he's. Okay, and he easily six or seven-year-old child could do it without straining their muscle.

It's easy even if you're in a wheelchair you could do it as long as you could reach it it's an effortlessly taking off and it's not very hard to apply at all.

Proofs in the pudding new finish the once a year car polish made a believer out of me you welcome to Oregon business pro youtube marketing videos and website productions for any business in Oregon videos start at $200 and websites start at $400 domains cost twenty-five dollars each and a monthly server fee of $25 and that is your starting point for our services.

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