Nyko Power Pak for the Wii U - Battery Life and more...

All right and we are back I wanted to a quick follow-up about the nyko power pack for the Nintendo Wii U and if you've.

My my previous video in the unboxing of the deny coal power pack I was lost to say of this week and you know I said I was gonna follow up with you know real life battery battery life on this on this particular unit.

I'm happy to report that Nyko did an outstanding job in you know building this thing I mean amazing what you can actually get a source battery life from the with you but also I was testing this over a couple of days ever since I get a tuesday.

Up a busy life just like you guys and pretty much play or try to play my wii u at least an hour maybe two hours a night if time allows but ever since i got the battery though and i go power pack ah i made it a goal to actually test it out and after see five days i'm happy to report four days i'm happy to report that it is actually pretty solid I've gotten about no kidding here guys six to seven hours of battery life pretty amazing I charge a unit it took a couple hours to charge the battery for when i installed it and after that you know I kept playing and playing day after day and I mean yeah pretty happy to say that yeah i got about six six or seven hours let me show you real quick a plate I jug fully charged it last night again and played this morning the Saturday morning for about two hours and i'm going to show you the battery life that I have left after two hours pretty impressive i mean now understand why did late I'm sure Nyko wanted to do the best job by creating this particular peripheral for the wii u and to be honest i mean for $25 you really cannot go wrong.

If you have a video and you want to extend your battery life you want to lay in that couch and play arkham city like i am for six hours straight you definitely need to get the nyko power pack for the wii u $25 men best investment you can make.

Yeah let me show you real quick.

We're gonna go home and you're going to see real quick after two hours of play this morning that's what I got left man that's pretty impressive that's seventy-five percent left like I said pretty solid I mean. This is a very solid product yeah deviate here for a second I know that youtuber send me this thing that makes it look like an official Nintendo product but it's actually a knock of battery from China very lightweight it claims to have three thousand million first as opposed to the four thousand the night golfers with the power packed with you and to be honest I mean I know what their position China not saying everything is crap but as far as quality control especially knockoff products I myself not going to try this my way you for one thing I mean like I said they're notorious for poor quality control when it comes to knock offs and to be honest I'm not gonna risk it but I'm gonna have my friend tested on his wii u and you know and ties him a little bit and say oh yeah. This is the official battery you know and just try it in your saying I mean let me know what happens don't call me if it blows up call me one I'm kidding we'll see my friend will disavow and see if this thing is actually any good highly doubted like I said crap get the power pack from Nyko further with you this $25 ever spent alright guys on the next video that I'll make we probably op tomorrow and what hap here now and let me turn this off is something that I bring really keeping my eye on for quite a while and finally got it yes they gave in and did it and I got a PS Vita yes judge me all you want but I'm a very lucky guy with a large gaming collection.

How did I come up with this money without having to spend any more money and bleed out of my pockets I sold a one of my duplicates that having my Neo Geo MVS collection online and I was able to come up with three hundred fifty dollars get some games for it mostly fighting games because I can find anything for the damn game stop except for this games which I'm pretty sure are good.

Street fighter vs tekken Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and moral Kombat now also with this thing as far as I know and like I said I'm going to do an unboxing of this thing later I did the PlayStation Plus which gives me quite a few games and you get to keep one game I comes with the four gigabyte card and it also comes with this unit has 3g which i don't plan to use and i really don't care for but for 399 it was actually the Bliss unit that i could buy given that this alone is fifty dollars me I'm sorry this one is 300 249 is the basic unit this one cost me 300 exact.

If you had if you get the basic unit to 49 plus the other year for the PlayStation Plus that's already 300 and then if you buy the look for gigabyte proprietary thank you something card that's another 30 to 40 bucks I think.

You're actually saving it's about right ninety-nine dollars if you really look at it.

You know how great it from the 249 I finally decided that I wanted the the 299 unit and ended up being the best choice.

As far as i know this game even if you don't keep the PlayStation Plus subscription you get to keep and mr. shooting game supposed to be good and then you get this other games and every every month you get different game.

All we talk about that later it's a little late families to sleep baby sleep and hope you enjoy the video.

Yeah I'll be seeing you guys linker signing off.

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