NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Lip Swatches | ALL 35 Shades

Hey guys! can you believe what we're doing today. Okay.

I ordered this and I'm like girl this would make for amazing video I am.

Excited to just. Okay, I'm a little scared oh my god like that's a lot of lipsticks to film and put on your lip yeah we're gonna do it man and I just hope that this video kind of gives you an idea um if you want to buy one of these or if you want to buy the whole set and be a crazy person like me but. This is an amazing set and I just like died when I saw it.

I'm gonna do it but if you have not if you have not I mean if you're not subscribed to my channel already please give it a little clicky and what am I saying I don't know subscribe if you want to see more videos I'm trying to get back into YouTube and we're just gonna jump in. Okay, ah it's real oh my gosh. This is insane oh my goodness I'm dying right now.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Lip Swatches | ALL 35 Shades

We're gonna just dive in I will list all of the lip colors and the times girl I'm gonna be editing for hours but that's. Okay, I'm gonna list all the names and everything.

You're just looking for one specific lip color you can find it alright.

Let's get started to me from the treetops of this world follows building free I'm apart of this place alone cannot last for the last I can finally breathe and and cannot last for the last I can finally see Oh this baby dunno you you you you yeah you the Oh and can't there.

That's it for this video I hope you guys find it helpful I can't believe I got through all of these in one sitting my lips feel like they're gonna just crumble up and fall off that's how they feel right now but thank you guys.

Much for watching I really hope you found this helpful if you made it all the way through definitely leave the moji of the video and let me know which color your was your favorite and that you might go out and get let me know um I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you next time bye.

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