NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream swatches and review

Is red whatever hey guys what's up. Okay.

Today I'm going to be doing a review video and some swatches of the NYX soft matte lip creams here these are one of my favorite lip formulas one of my favorite lip products and I have quite a few shades here.

I figured I would go ahead and do a quick review and then swatch them for you on my lips.

You can see what they look like. Okay.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream swatches and review

These like I said are the NYX soft matte lip creams you can get these on the NYX site you can also get them at Ulta and I believe most targets that stock NYX stock these I don't think they have the full range of shades and I know Ulta doesn't even have the full range of shades there are two shades and I think they're called Sidney and something else I will find it and the link it down below that they don't have at Ulta I'm not sure if they have them on the old to site but I know that they don't carry them in store any Ulta that I've been in but they do have them on the neck site.

I'll go ahead and link that site down below as well.

Let's start with the review. This is the packaging here its plays the general color of what the the lip color is and it has a matte black lid it is this size for reference I would probably say the exact same size as a mac lipglass.

That's just for reference there they have a doe foot applicator and it looks just like that and it is just that it's a cream product and they have a really really great smell it smells like frosting to me that's the best way I can describe it it's just sweet and it's really good it's not overpowering it's not overwhelming it's just a really nice sweet scent.

I love these I would highly recommend them I would probably give them like a 9 out of 10 they wear beautifully they're very comfortable on the lips they're not drying occasionally they can be a little bit drying but not half as drying as like let's say a Mac matte lipstick or something like that they're very easy to apply they wear pretty nicely through the day.

You don't have to really really and when they do start to wear off they wear off pretty nicely and pretty evenly.

That's nothing you have to worry about like getting patchy or cracks or anything the one thing I will say is be careful because sometimes I tend to get like that line you know from where your lips naturally close where it's dry and then inside of course it's moist.

Sometimes they do give me that line right there.

That's something to look out for but other than that I absolutely love these and I would highly recommend them.

I'm gonna get right into the swatches I'm gonna go lightest to darkest just because in case it stands my lips at all I want it to show us true as I can and this for reference is my natural lip color I don't have anything I just wiped a makeup wipe over my lips.

I'm gonna go ahead and start with Tokyo here and. This is number zero three and that's in the shade Tokyo.

There it is there and that's just with one coat you can let it dry because it's really it's nice and moist and creamy when you first put it on but then it will set to a nice matte finish.

You can go out and do a thin layer let it dry and then layer it up a couple times if you want it more opaque but. This is just one layer and. This is Tokyo.

Again that's number three in Tokyo and it's just a really nice pretty cool toned pink it's a little bit light for me honestly to wear on its own but I do like mixing it with other colors or using it as a base for another color.

Like I said it is just a little bit light and it's the shade lighter than Istanbul which is my favorite and which is what i'll be swatching next next up I'm gonna be swatching my absolute favorite you guys are probably know surprised by this it is the color in zero 6 and it's Istanbul and it's not gonna focus but it is just it's a beautiful shade it's a nice easy everyday shade for me but it's still pretty and pink and you know it looks like you've done something even though you just slapped on what feels to be like a lip balm or a lip cream.

Anyways I'm gonna go ahead and try this on for you guys.

There is Istanbul and again it's number zero six I will just get a little closer for you and. This is more of a neutral pink to me it's a little more mob toned I really like it I think. This is a perfect acceptable easy everyday shade for me it goes with.

Many eye colors if you are close to my skin tone for reference in Mac I think I'm a c4 or like an NC 35 I would really highly recommend picking up Istanbul it is my favorite of the bunch. This is number 0-2 and. This is in the color Stockholm.

It's just a nice nude color it's not really a pinky nude it's more of a beachy oranjee nude.

I will go ahead and try this on for you so. This is Stockholm and it's actually a really pretty shade I have not tried this on since this summer and over the summer it was a little bit too pale for me or a little bit too close to my skin tone.

I didn't really get a lot of use out of it unless I mixed it with another one and then it would make a really nice shade but I actually like this on its own right now it's just a really really nice nude color.

There is Stockholm next up I have number 11 and this color is called Milan and it's just a really nice more of a cool toned pink I would say and it's a little bit darker probably just a shade darker than Istanbul.

Here it is and that is Milan if I didn't show you and I'll go ahead and try this on so. This is Milan I do like this color it's a little bit a little bit more purpley to me like a blue toned pink I do like it don't mind this eye you can only see it from certain angles I think I'm getting is it on my lip line.

That's awesome but. This is what the color looks like and again. This is just one quick swipe you can let it dry and build it up and it'll be more vibrant and more opaque and you do have a while to play with these before they set if I didn't mention that.

You can really just fill everything in get everything as smooth and even as you can because you do have to be a little bit careful they can get a little streaky but once you work with them a few times it's really easy to get the hang of.

Here is Milan I really really like this color I don't wear this one too much which I'm not sure why cuz I do like it and if it is just a little too purple for my liking on a specific date that's where I can always take Stockholm and mix it in there these formulas the the soft matte lip cream formulas they mix really well together.

You can leave it on when it's you know before it sets and just mix another color in with it and it really looks nice.

You can customize your own shades the next color I have here is number zero five and it's in Antwerp and. This is more of a coral shade it's showing up pretty orange Eon on the camera but it is a nice coral shade and I do love this another one that I don't get too much wear out of but I will go ahead and swatch it.

Here is Antwerp and like I said it's just a really nice coral shade it kind of reminds me of Mac's crosswires I believe it is it has a similar tone to this I do really like this this might be more of a summer shade for me but there it is just two more here the next one I have is probably my second favorite I just absolutely love the mix of the color and texture of this the finish I absolutely love it and. This is in number 0-7 and it looks like I'm probably gonna pronounce this wrong Addis Ababa if I am pronouncing it wrong go ahead and leave it down below oh it should be said I do apologize about that but I absolutely love this one.

Let's go ahead and see it's just sort of like a really pretty strawberry raspberry just a hot pink it's beautiful.

Here it is and. This is the one that. This is one of the ones I'm sorry that could be a little bit harder to work with so. This is just one layer here one coat and it's one that could definitely use a second coat.

I'm gonna go ahead and let this dry for a few minutes and slap on a second coat.

I can show you how opaque it is where's your brother.

Here it is with a second coat and it's still setting.

It's not the exact texture that it's gonna be at the end but here it is and it's just a really really nice bright pink without being like obnoxiously bright or.

Bright that you can't wear it or that it's uncomfortable or that it might be out of your comfort zone it's definitely toned down but still a really bright beautiful pink.

I absolutely love this one and again there is the name of it I'm not going to butcher it again but there it is oh look at this gross sorry if my eyes red by the way. This is um these are my desi lenses but today was the first day that I've ever worn them to work and I work on a computer all day.

I've had these incense what was it like 6:30 this morning it's now 4:45 and I've been staring at a computer screen all day. This is the first day I've worn them to work and I don't know if they're just not the most comfortable or what but this eye has been just bothering me all day.

As soon as I'm done with this I'm gonna go ahead and take them out but anyways last up its number 10 and this isn't Monte Carlo and. This is just a beautiful deep red I absolutely love this shade I think there are a few more I'll go ahead and I'll list all the names of them below but I think I have a good chunk of them there might be like four that I don't have.

There is that one this might be if I'm not mistaken the deepest one that they do in this range.

I will throw it on and as you can see the color payoff is just it's there you barely need anything super easy to apply.

There's Monte Carlo it's number 10 I absolutely adore this shade there are few things and makeup that I love more than just a matte red lip I absolutely love the way a matte red lip looks with just big lashes and big winged eyeliner that is like my signature go-to look you can't go wrong it's beautiful for all occasions and I absolutely love it so. This is a perfect matte red and like I said these are around $5 $6 and Ulta is always doing like NYX buy one get one 50% off err they always have some sort of a special.

You can always grab a deal on these.

There it is there again. This is just the one coat you can definitely layer this up to get it a lot darker but that's what it looks like my cat is over here staring at me like I'm a lunatic sitting here talking to a camera but anyways those were all the swatches of the NYX soft matte lip creams that I own again everything will be in the downbar all of the information thank you guys.

Much for watching if you have any video requests please leave them down below also if you like this video and you'd like me to do it with any other lip range I have.

Many wet-and-wild lipsticks and those are another one of my favorites I have a bunch of MAC lipsticks I have a different version of these well it's the extreme lip creams.

It is from NYX just like this but they are a gloss version.

If you'd like me to do that with anything else anything else to swatch go ahead and leave that down below as well thank you guys.

Much for watching again and I hope you have a great day talk to you soon bye bloodshed Isis good bye.

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