Oktoberfest Faceoff Hofbrau vs Lowenbrau 2016

Evening ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a pairing from round to hoof bra house versus leuven Brian.

We'll give you as much as we can here right house. This is a loser boy house coming in at six point three percent the little android coming in at six point one percent let's go ahead and start with the whole groin oktoberfest beer now as you can see from shooting to see from there that the head on both of these is practically gone.

They're equal in that manner they seem to pour about the same.

Oh very very similar I can't distinguish you too.

Let's go here this light cheers roof hey.

The hope for our house has a little bit more little bit more mouth feel to it my yes that's neither good nor bad that's subjective some people might like it's more strictly some people might like it left.

It's more sporty then why didn't you remind me to bring the mic back up here unfortunately because my fall in Norway it looks like my connector into my GoPro is not working.

First two pairings you couldn't hear the shotgun mic that was from the camera.

I'm lucky I even got sound I guess that makes sense why that rich nuts how recharging the battery in the camera anymore either they got dorked at all reason I'm doing. This is to see if there's a difference when you're pairing food is beer how the beer tastes we're getting down into the Fighting's I'm you know what smells like I just take a mop you can put the two together and have them leave your mug of beer wow these two are very very close man let me have to work on these.

There's no reason for you to waste time on working on these two to come up with a quick down and dirty slim you work these down to the bottom and we'll be back.

Wish me luck we are back oops guess we can't have our last maybe this one.

While drinking the beers hey well drinking the beers I determined that in my opinion I prefer hope boys oktoberfest beer.

I finished the Lutheran boy and kept the best for last what you must understand is of the four out of six beers I've tried.

Far the one which is not available yet agustina and we haven't tried to hack her short yet because the pairing hasn't come up yet because it was paired with agustina in round one and round two.

The next video in round two will have.

The next pairing will be happier shore and Palmer.

At that time we'll have tasted all five years but all of the beers.

Far are good they're all good qualities are all great beers I'm just trying to determine which is the best four to 16 2016 I've had to experience all know Brown to first pairing goes to hoof burly oktoberfest beer stay tuned for next pairing which will be hacker shore versus paulaner thanks for watching if you haven't already subscribed please do there's going to be lots of beer reviews coming up lots of oktoberfest stuff lots of german beers belgian beers French beers if you like this video click give me a thumbs up and share this video with your friends and family I really do appreciate it it helps me it shows that what I'm doing you like one beer you.

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