OMC 5L Marine Engine Block Pressure and Cylinder Compression Test

Okay sports fans we are back at it again pulled the plugs got him in order the cylinder and the bank lift right know if you can see that over there oops don't fall over camera let me zoom out some there we go alright so. This is the order that came out of the engine rear to front I mean they don't look horrible they don't look great they're dark but I don't see any rust no no water on any of them some look better than others I don't you can't really see the color if I can zoom in that might get me I know the focus isn't the greatest one this thing up close alright I'll show them to you one by one I'm sure inquiring minds want to know.

Can I get some sunlight that might help but it's a cloudy rainy day to day off and on. This is a few days after that storm blew up the East Coast.

Again i'm not an expert you know i wrenched on cars and motorcycles and stuff not lying I'm definitely what you would call the shade tree mechanic but I don't see on any of the eight plugs anything that would give me grounds for concern I mean the color is not the greatest it doesn't have that nice what he called it brownish or tannish color on the plugs I don't know how well that focus is working out a can't tell but any case that's where we gone that's where we are alright i'm about to rerun the pressure test one more time.

I might get that set up.

OMC 5L Marine Engine Block Pressure and Cylinder Compression Test

I'll see you in a few seconds. Okay, back again here and be zooming a little bit better than a little bit tighter they might help you see some more. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pump her up oh that didn't work there we go now she's gone and I can hear it can you still see yeah you can still see not quite there yet I'll let it hold there that's right about exactly 20 can you see that yeah you should be able to see that. All right, oops you moved don't move. All right, stay there can you still see I guess you can still see you can see enough. All right, all right I'm gonna that's it there I've got the plugs out as you saw and I'm going to go listen oh and I put some more goop on these make sure to see ok I've got really tiny wanted to Z bubbles there i don't think it's not to be concerned about i'm spraying these um rubber plugs that i have put in each of the houses that go to the exhaust manifolds they're holding no bubbles which spray around now I saw someone on boc bayliner two owners club said that I would I should remove the thermostat and redo the redo the test actually makes sense to me but. This is I'll do this first without removing the thermostat and I guess I'll try it again afterwards but in the meantime I'm gonna go listen at each of the cylinders which is gonna be hard because you know it's tight it's tight huh hear anything at the exhaust manifold trying to get my my head my ear down around where the cylinders might be the spark plug holes uh I hear nothing the only thing I do here is the can we try this let me try removing the supply hose you should still hold right yeah. Okay, no noise whatsoever you I think I hear something on this left side as you facing oh. This is.

Hard to do i do hear something it doesn't seem like it's coming from the land of hold.

Chemical a spark plug hole try to put my finger in here to see that quiet.

I definitely do hear something question is where Oh well I'm ee ya can't tell this let me trash brain with this soapy water huh in the general area maybe some bubbles Pablo yeah. Okay, make sure how to lower hose. Okay, it's got a few bubbles oh maybe that's because I suppose I've sprayed the noise went away. Okay, let me tighten up this lower water circulatory hose I mean let you see if you can see real quick uh let me see if we can zoom down there you see those bubbles I think that's what I was hearing but um let me type that up to the bubble stop ok I think that's got it whoo it is hot and humid out here today I'm sweating like a hebrew slave dang mighty ah goodness gracious. All right, I'm spray it again see you see bubble bubble song. All right, no bubbles now let me see if I hear it yeah what are you looking at anything you could be looking at the gauge if I had put you back into place let's put you back to where you were.

We can get hopefully the same line of sight where you stay right there and that'll work that will up but you can't see about what you stay I need you to stay where you all can see i tuck you under here what that work oh that might work yeah I think that'll work right there oh you still can't see the gauge let me tilt he's gonna gauge me make my move the camera yeah it's not too shabby that's not too bad alright ok.

We're going on I guess maybe about three minutes up I got to time it. All right, anyway, for the compressor to stop compressing imma go give a listen again. Okay, compressor stop let me listen. Okay, now I don't hear anything except whatever that jet is that's flying above me. All right, let me check the other side you gotta lose some stuff out the way here da da da da da da da da da alright let's listen ski but listen over here on this side I take the keys off.

I don't have the keys rattling. Okay, let's take the form of the pockets or I'll crush the phone. Okay, let's listen over here I hear absolutely nothing I don't know if I'm frustrated cuz I hear nothing or frustrated cuz I want to hear something. All right, she seems to still be holding the pressure there I know I stopped it a smidge below 220. All right, I don't know what to do other then sit and wait see their pressure goes down I know you oughta want to sit and wait with me. All right, I think imma let it sit there for a while my next my next thing would be to do is a compression test since I've got the plugs out why the hell not.

I'll go ahead and do a cylinder compression test after I finished this pressure test I figure let's see where what are we roughly just under ten minutes or.

Now based upon the timer on the clock here.

I'm just gonna let her sit like this I'm a check back um I guess in about 15 minutes what do you think that long enough. All right, this one will go with I'll check back in about 15 minutes to see what the pressure has done one if I should try to crank this puppy while I've got it pressurized will that tell me anything if there's a head gasket leak but I've got the the plugs out.

They won't pressure rise two cylinders.

That's probably no good alright well i don't know like i said i'll be back in about 15 minutes and we'll see what that pressure gauge looks like i'm trying to talk myself out of the if it's dropped a tiny bit or not alright see in a bit. Okay, is roughly been 15 probably closer to 20 minutes later it's gone down it was just under 20 now it's just under the because if I looked at on its right about the 18 market looks like.

20 minutes going down to psi let's say I don't know if that means anything but there it is and this case isn't drop all the way down to zero it when low pressures connected it goes to write about their the needle.

Anyway, that's where she is. All right, i'm gonna let it sit some more I need to go run an errand i'll be back.

I probably back in about an hour I guess maybe I don't know we'll see but alright bye tolu. Okay, sports fans it's about more than two hours later because mother nature in the rain sounds like a band a group decided to interrupt my progress and now I'm trying to fight the night.

Where are we.

Nearly can I get a focus here.

More than two hours later I should say it back out get a focus gone.

Good oh good why won't you focus properly alright any case we are right out the 10 come on zoom in zoom out what do I won't focus.

You can't see but we are right at the 10 psi.

She's dropped by half two hours plus later.

Um I don't know what that means what that doesn't mean but that's the information.

Now I decide to go ahead and before I got too dark do the compression test. All right.

I'm starting on if you're facing the engine the right bank oops I don't know what the cylinder numbers are. All right.

There's the compression gauge and the cylinder closest to the bow we're at 120 3141 40 looks like i'm reading that correctly 1 40 psi alright imma change to the next one and see what she says I don't think I need to video the whole thing I'll just probably just take snapshots in Adam on hook it up I downloaded this version of the Chevy 305 firing diagram and. This is the one that I'll be using for the duration of the compression test ok as we saw before cylinder oneness at about 140 and said under 3 is about 1 30 and five maybe cylinder five is about 140 again and.

Under seven is about 35 i would say 137 cylinder 2 is right about 140 and some other four it's about 135 i'll call it cylinder six is a bow oh just under 140 call it 138 and cylinder eight is just under 150.

I'd call it 148.

What do you guys think.

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