Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer

Hi. This is MIA from tiny trailer life I'm gonna juice today and one of the things that I was afraid of when we got the solar panel is that I wasn't going to be able to choose but.

Far I've done it like three times is work gray.

Today I'm going to show you what I do here we go.

Some of the things I like to do I like to try to keep it simple as possible carrots are are a must and usually I get organic carrots because there really isn't that much price difference but if you can find some local carrots that's what I did we're in Telluride and we found some local carrots and then grapes I don't usually get organic grapes because I mean grapes are just expensive as it is.

Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer

And they add a lot of flavor.

You definitely want to have grapes if you can and then you have apples apples also add a lot of flavor.

You want to cut cut these up and spinach you want to have a spinach Adam actually a kind of a creamy texture to your juice.

It is definitely something that you want to add and it's also some greens and beets I really think beats are super important I hear that it's great for you and they're not too too expensive you can get like three bulbs for like two dollars and they add a lot of flavor to the juice.

Here we go I like to start with the spinach because the spinach doesn't really juice on its own.

You get put the spinach and then put the carrots in and then it helps the spinach juice and just run a couple of carrots through make sure the spinach just kind of cleared out and then you know do apples or grapes but the apples are kind of soft.

It also needs like carrots to help it juice better because let me just show you if you put a whole bunch of just grapes in our groups apples and. This is what happens yeah that looks like see that's good I think it's more of the grapes that it kind of gets all mushed up.

Let me do the grapes nuts when you put the grapes in like that just cannot all caught up in there because that it almost yeah actually it's doing pretty good but I just like to put carrots and explain and it definitely helps grapes to run to do better for your care wrestling drapes the grapes definitely make the cheese taste.

Much better I know that juicy was supposed to be happy for you but you know if it doesn't taste good you're not gonna want to do it.

Just make it taste good and don't worry about the sugar it's natural and the whole idea is to not be.

Strict when usual strict with anything and juicing or anything else you just don't want to do it is just going to be luke with it these beats they definitely kind of make your hands a little red and wash it right out.

Now I haven't talked about this Omega 0 yes Omega made in Korea juicer is fantastic one of the nicest thing about this juicer is that it is easier to clean than most and the juice tastes really good I'm in some other like the centrifuge juicers it kind of the juice i will look at where all those like a heart taste but it definitely doesn't have that with this juicer the beetle una order to push down your request but nothing you really shouldn't have to force anything really alright i'm doing extra juice today because I want to be able to store it a little bit because I trying to juice every day is not easy.

I decided to make a little bit extra today I'm gonna empty this out I'm going to store some of this juice into these mason jars and that's the other thing about beets it really adds color to your juice look at that beautiful Oh beautiful there we go to that ah ok this one in my store for tomorrow look at that the beat is just.

All red hopefully doesn't leave a stain on aluminum.


Far the beet juice has come out of everything.

I guess I'm not be as careful maybe I'm close they won't come out but on hard surfaces it's come out every time listen. Okay, I have to say my husband he is not a lover of a lot of vegetables but he seems to love this juice thank goodness my give him this thing let's get his reaction ready well can you come over here honey I made some juice for you. Okay, let's see who absolutely sweet is it yeah yeah I did put some extra I grapes in there extra grapes that's fantastic is it delicious ya know that but reviving hmm it actually makes you feel I don't know after you start doing it for a while and if you miss a couple days you seem to miss it big time.

I mean it's obviously you're getting some nutrients in your body moves beats in here yeah I hate beets in any other form whatsoever but here i love it and it's supposed to be really good for it.

Look I made a whole nude just for me yeah that one's all yours Wow yeah I got another batch for me thanks honey you're welcome right bye oops I know mmhmm yeah well that looks attractive. Okay, thank you for watching tiny trailer life bye bye.

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