OMG Product rave: Finally I found a TRUE gommage - tried and proven

I knew all of you beautiful people how are you doing today I'm doing fabulous just finished doing my July challenge of the month video and it's busy uploading on YouTube which is it was clue today but well that is happening on that computer i'll be doing a video for you guys but skinnier well I just had this nothing how goes our food in my teeth. Okay, product drive today people a couple of product raves. Okay, I am.

Impressed you know like for me nothing is midway or mediocre it's not a freaking awesome or scrap. Okay, freaking awesome is to dice product.

Let's get started ciao I am.

Excited to share this with you guys I can t but I don't even know what to say. Okay.

A couple of times in the past you know there were videos about pet peeves and pet peeves or this a lot of those things that irritate me.

Paid beef. Okay, the newest right for everything and every freakin beauty house out there you know doesn't matter whatever the brand name is the newest or latest thing that I do is anything that's a facial scrub they call a Gamache. Okay, drives me up the wall because a facial scrub is not a ganache. Okay.

Obviously you know what we're going to be talking about today facial peels right. Okay.

There's a difference between us you know the how many different exfoliate just you get it's a bit you know there's different it's early i just--there's scrubs there's chemical peels they some mechanical peels there's more like what do you call it physical like be a war not physical what the hell's word you did boxing I'll have to make you some oxygen. Okay.

It's all these different bills. Okay, but now what you see um something that way back when in my salon I was one of the first people i'm pretty sure in the whole of freaking canada. Okay, then ontario at least i know ontario don't know about canada goose isn't these other salons that also use the same product but that used the first technology of Gamache in my salon everybody else use different kinds of fields and scrubs and love about my salon was the only one in ontario but with where i actually used a commotion the products that are used in this along you guys saw the high alumina and the Petersons bc and the feeds aromatic. Okay.

The the difference is. Okay, gamache is not a scrub. Okay, Gamache does mean peeling. Okay, just like this can kill peels and all kinds of fields this stuff that I used in my salon was called Gamache because it was a true gamache the way kibosh is supposed to be. Okay, agra maj people is a product can be different kinds of products that you put on your skin basically it's a combination of a chemical peel plus a manual peel. Okay, that is what kamoj is.

All of these fucking people that copy ass you know whatever the word collage is now old fancy.

We're gonna use the we'll just you know put some grains in some liquid or moisturizer and we'll call it a garage and then we can sell it for more guy pisses me off I don't know why but let me explain to you exactly what a commotion.

Every single time when you buy a scrub scrub is not a garage. Okay, the reason I love a garage.

Much and I mean I've been using it for 20 years that's how long ago I started this alone that's when I you know started doing research into products in which kind of products I want to use in my salon blah blah blah and this place had gamache and there was no collage on the market. Okay, there was no Christian Dior Gamache or you know fancy brand Matt kamoj or any other commercial it was L ganache when I started the collage ok.

A collage gum auger ma she spelled g of n n a G b is a combination peel as I said. Okay, you can either get it in clay form liquid form gel form or cream form. Okay, and it's a product that you could on your skin inside that product is some kind of chemical peel whether it's alpha hydroxy acid salicylic acid any kind of asset is inside of this product. Okay, then what happens you put it on your skin it dissolves the top layer.

Usually a proper Gamache as a fairly strong acid in there. Okay, it won't be two percent or a three percent it's usually a little bit higher it won't be the stuff that you get in a salon like you know up to twenty percent salicylic acid or something like that you but it will be stronger than the typical five percent solutions that you get in you know normal peeling creams in whatever you would look at around 10 12 13 I don't know I maybe I'll stretches and maybe fourteen percent I don't know but I it's usually ten or twelve percent. Okay, and this stuff is made.

That what once it is solves the the product on your skin doesn't dry completely.

It stays moist.

That whenever the garage or the the alpha-hydroxy acid or whatever assets in the product will dissolve your skin and it will lie there and it lies within the product then when once the product dries and it may be usually dries to a paper dryness it doesn't dry like a dry mask it when it dries it means like it it kind of sets on your face. Okay, that's when the manual exfoliation got in combination with a chemical exfoliation starts.

What you do is you usually have to rub the product and rub it in rub it in rub it and run rubber and then you will see these eraser like things coming off it's an absolute fabulous way of doing a bill. Okay.

Um yes it's true whatever the product that you see coming off is not all skin. Okay, depending on what you use I kind of tasted a bottle right now the product that i used the commotion are used in the salon and was a clay it was in a clay base. Okay.

There was all kinds of stuff in it.

You would put the product on and then you would wait for it to sit a little bit and then you start rubbing.

You get all these family things that basically looks like if you take a ricer you know and you got like this on the surface with a Russian it my sad little firmly things. Okay, that comes off it's not all skip but a huge amount of it is skin I mean there's a lot of people and get salty talking or you're right it's not all skin. Okay, not of that product now I felt like ever since I haven't yeah I don't have the salon I used to order the products fullest along still for myself but it's like. Okay, it's time for me to know you know expand my horizons and start looking for some old alternatives to the products that are used in the salon because a lot of people want me to ask you or ask me to talk about skincare and water then it doesn't help if im using skincare that you guys can't get hold of.

I have been in search of products that is compatible do the products that I used to use in my salon. Okay.

I've been doing a lot of amazon shopping and i'm an online shopping you know is not my favorite thing you know i got some dads and I got some good things but I got some really good things ok.

Today's product is going to actually be a kibosh and I can tell you one full one this product is as good if not better then the commercial I had in my salon. This is a true true gamache. Okay.

Here comes the product I got it off of amazon and i will put the link to this product below. Okay, you will be totally amazed at what this stuff does for your skin now gotta tell you at it i did a couple of tests i'll tell you about the taste now let me first show you. Okay, so. This is the product it's an asian product it's a korean product and the more i'm looking at korean products the more i realize that they are.

Far ahead in freakin technology compared to the states and no you know the laws of American wherever else they are.

Far ahead it's not even funny. Okay.

There it is the products called cure we just grab my glasses.

That i can tell you exactly what it is natural aqua gel cure I guess is the brand name of it whatever i'm going to bring this close to the camera which can feel because it's the wrong way round in my iPad.

There it is. Okay, this stuff I'm pretty sure was it through I'm not gonna die don't want to lie I'll put it in here what it is but you'll see whenever you go to the link and check it out. Okay, people.

I tasted this product when I found it because I know exactly how I kamoj works and what it's supposed to do.

I got it the first day I wash my face that evening and I use it the way you have to use it on a dry clean skin you can't have moisture in your skin when you use it. Okay, because the moisture if you rinse your face and you put it on a wake face you're diluting the solution of the chemical peel in here. Okay.

You cannot do it on a wet skin or on a moist skin.

What you do is you wash your face you turn your face blah blah then you fan yourself or you go and do something else for a couple months.

That your skin completely dries out. Okay, then you take this product and you do three pumps in your hand. Okay, and you go like this and you start rubbing it on your face and you wrapping your wrapping your rub anything dice I from other I didn't time myself they said from 30 seconds to a minute you rub and you'll feel. Okay, that the you're literally rubbing off bro.

In the beginning when you put it on it's just going to dissolve whatever the top layer is then you stop rubbing and then you start getting these firmly eraser States. Okay.

I was reading the into the interviews hello the the reviews underneath and it was won by d it was like oh that's a fag you know. This is crumbly things inside the product but over.

I decided to taste it out and decide what's going on.

The first thing that happened is the first night i used it i got.

Many firmly things it's not even funny i mean i got i looked at night the stuff that was coming over my face and I thought there's no way in hell my skin can you know I can lose that much skin in one treatment this stuff must be fake.

That was my first thing. Okay.

Then I decided. Okay, I'm gonna rinse it off you know and do another session well I did another one by the way when I rinse my face off oh my god it felt like a balloon firm tight balloon United I don't know if you've ever guys bloomin rub you like screech screech screech. Okay, that's how your skin feels it's literally squeaky daily squeeze you read buddy just like that.

Ended up doing a second round of this. Okay, just as much formally sky mph and I said to myself okay. This is bullshit product it's working on my skin but there's no way in hell is can take that much skin off and then I rinse my face again and I decided I'm not gonna keep on doing this and they burn my skin you know I got to figure out what the hell is going on and why is working with this then I rest rinse my hands and everything and the next moment I'm looking in my hand some kind oh my god my hands are.

Soft on the inside I thought they didn't get rid of the big huge calluses but here on the inside I'm like. Okay.

Now freakin wonder because half the skin is coming off my face and I had half of the stuffs coming off my hands and I thought. Okay.

I'm gonna check this out.

What I ended up doing was a skip tonight.

Then the next night I decided to do this but i did it with gloves on. Okay, well yeah that wasn't much better. Okay, because i had the same amount but not the same amount of firmness coming over there was a whole lot of firmly things coming off but not even half as much as when i actually used my hands because all the dead skin was coming off my hands is there on my face.

I ended up using gloves doing it and it was about I would say half the amount of friendly things that came off and then I decide to helica I wanted to see how much of it would be scared and how much of it would be product that's coming off with these for me things. Okay.

I took the product and i took a glove again the rubber glove or you know like those medical gloves. Okay, i put some of the product just one squirt on my countertop on my mother in my bathroom it's marble encounter tom.

I started rubbing this with a glove. Okay, i rubbed and rubbed it and rub it now if there was product there was God doing the family thing. Okay, it should start doing from lease on the countertop right because there I mean there's no dead skin but if this family thing you know. Okay, the front firmly things comes from the product it's not actual skin right I robbed and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed a thing for I don't know. However, long there was not one firmly thing coming off of my counter.

There was no dead skin on my my kitchen my bathroom counter. Okay.

Then I decided. Okay, now I want to see what happens if i take the glove off.

I took the club off and i took my two fingers now by that time the area was quite wide.

It took a little bit more put it on the countertop with my two fingers. Okay, and i started rubbing started drumming and lo and behold the firmly things came off my fingers and my two front fingers and after i completely you know i did this for like a minute or whatever I decide I saw the firmly things I realized that there was not product that was making this for me things it was dead skin coming from my fingers and I only used the two fingers.

I rinsed everything off and then I compared my two fingers with these two fingers with the rest of my hand to my fingers. Okay, this felt like it wasn't off my body it wasn't on the same body is this if I did this was by my hand and I did this it sounds like two completely different hats two completely different skin. Okay, this stuff is.

Amazing now I don't know for sensitive skin I don't have sensitive skin I don't think it's a that strong that it will burn I cannot say if it will or will not burn a ganache and it's usually something that you can get used to very quickly even if you have sensitive skin because the garage in my salon I would put on people and some people that it would really stinks under and set off immediately they might come for now then I'd give them a little bit of a nice i could put a little bit more on into dice they put it on but down to the the scrubby thing or whatever self i I desensitize their skin to ask you mouth feels I mean it doesn't matter you know if you have sensitive skin usually if you have a fairly good and garage or appeal or something of the kind you can get desensitized to it and then it won't burn your skin. Okay, now you do get the odd person that's gonna put this stuff on their face and then they're gonna go and what if I consumer in online cuz look I'm read when I was something like that I'm sure but overall people if you do not have over sensitive skin even if you have sensitive skin try it if you want your choice but for people with normal skin or any freaking kind of skin that's not overseen so. This is the real thing. This is real Gamache the way it's supposed to be before every moron out there started making scrubs and calling it kumar's. Okay, so. This is my holy grail product i will get this i'm actually going to get this for a friend of mine in Canada sandy and I'm going to get backups of this because every freaking time I tell you guys about something I like then it gets discontinued or something.

I'm going to stock up before all y'all asses go and buy this product and there's nothing left for me if.

I'm stocking up. This is the best product that i have gotten now in combination with a bunch of other things that i do i know these people that want to know my whole regime here and I've got a she ain't lived for the products that I have to review and tell you how I use them ok so. This is all still trial and error for me but. This is.

Worth it.

Worth it I can't even I don't even know how much to tell you how was this done like just oh. This is my holy grail ok. This is a total holy grail Gamache true true Gamache we way it's supposed to be.

That's my review for this one move on to the next one I'm good night guys bye bye.

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