Onan Electronic Ignition for the 6.5NH

Today's project update on my own in 6.5 NH generator I installed electronic ignition the electronic ignition that I installed is not a kit it's actually off of another Onan motor I got that sitting over here that's a t26 0g motor that came with electronic ignition the 6.5 NH motors didn't at least not this year that I know of they came with points the points reside I need this little cap right here they do go bad they pit and usually they fail when you need the generator.

What I've done I installed the parts off of the t26 0g onto this generator which basically consists of a electronic module down by the crank with a small little ring that slips on the end of the crank with the two wires coming up it's kind of hard to see them when the missile wires but goes underneath the intake manifold and one wire goes to the positive side of the coil which is this orange wire right here I have another wire coming into the box this toggle. Okay, this toggle switch actually will allow me to use both the points and the electronic ignition one at a time of course.

If my points fail underneath this little box right here I could go to the electronic ignition and if that fails vice versa.

Actually it's a redundant system here which I guess is pretty good especially when you need the generator and when you need it you need it.

Onan Electronic Ignition for the 6.5NH

Anyway, let's give it a try I just hooked it up I did do a test run it seemed to function well I'm going to do in the up position it's going to trigger off to the points in the down position it's going to trigger off the electronic ignition we'll start it with the electronic ignition first as it's running I'll hit the toggle switch up you won't notice any difference hopefully. All right, right now ordering off of the electronic Mitchell module that wind up really don't notice any difference whatsoever but when one system fails you have the other system as a backup that's about it pretty easy wiring I got a little wiring diagram right here.

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