One-Dimensional Man

Check one two a comfortable smooth reasonable democratic unfreedom prevails in our advanced industrial civilization a token of technical progress the brute fact that the machines power surpasses that of the individual makes the machine the most effective political instrument in any society whose basic organization is that of the machine process mass production and mass distribution claim the entire individual the soul contains few secrets and longings which cannot be sensibly discussed sensibly discussed this is the pure form of servitude to exist as an instrument as a thing our servitude blossoms in a life of toil poverty and stupidity an increasing quantity of goods and services make compliance the only rational attitude technology improves the lives of individuals by subordinating them to the masters of the apparatus our universe is populated by one dimensional thought self validating hypotheses which incessantly repeated incessantly repeated incessantly repeated become hypnotic definitions of our reality the program's of the big parties become ever more undistinguishable even in the degree of hypocrisy and in the odour of the cliches in the new totalitarianism the most contradictory works and truths peacefully coexist in indifference torture has been reintroduced as a normal affair part of an endless war lukewarm reforms in healthcare and education are redefined as socialism the old historical concepts are reinvented by up-to-date operational redefinitions indoctrination and manipulation have reached the stage where the prevailing level of opinion has become a level of falsehood truth has acquired a subversive character the purveyors of one dimensional thought would protect us from useless mental adventures that contradict the established order speaking to each other of love and hate we use the terms of advertisers movies and politicians we use the same terms for describing our automobiles and our loved ones we live in a universe of manipulated contradictions speaking a coagulated language that describes and de limits a mutilated reality but there is more in the abstract nouns of beauty and freedom than in the commodities that we are offered the concept of beauty still comprehends all of the beauty not yet realized the concept of freedom still comprehends all of the Liberty not yet attained and what appears unlovely and disorderly from the logical point of view may well comprise the lovely elements of a different order art is still granted the privilege of being irrational it is not yet subject to scientific technological and operational reason in its various forms of masks and silence the artistic universe is organized by the images of a life without fear it is only for the sake of those without hope that hope is given to us
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