Oh yeah we're so good mmm weight factor it's not probably practiced okay we've just about futile rise yeah yeah am I starting off Lynch gonna let you I just go on mha count me in one two three four so tell me what you want what you really really want my prayer embarrassingly there was he an Audrey when it first started it I suppose it was barely notice first that but there was something something around and what is it could have won it got a bit stronger and so ashamed to admit it but I thought it must be my dad sometimes she shouts you're an awful mother but I'm long maybe she's right my bread and the army i am an orphan mother may they still be the same or as long as we leave Vlad I've been very fortunate I've never got pregnant um I was pregnant like coming on once never any stds chlamydia parker-bowles as you called him she's a good girl I think she's only been without one other man before George I think it's a problem she's got out there I think if you've never seen the world like that you get that blinkers on like a horse you just run forward thinking George is the man for me she's never done makeup as she should never know not know my father so you know we could be something Jeremy yeah like we know how to put makeup on we know how to wear nice with the world are we we felt like responsible to share our knowledge that's to it ya know responsible after each egg you smash on your ugly face we want you to give us someone very very good reason why you would be our friend do you understand do you understand yes I can't hear it at Australians now doe yeah come on hurry up no okay first one smash it goes yeah I have more flour in a facebook friend you
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