Good day I'm just making some almond milk so I thought I would just record the process so if anyone wants to know how to make almond milk they can now obviously these milks are going to be a lot better for you than dairy and things like that but as far as detox goes if you're very strict and very clean then Armand you know nut milks aren't great for detox but i'd say that the milks are better than consuming the actual nuts because you're just extracting the the essence of it out rather than actually taking in the fibers but we always so please I've had these armed and soaking for about 36 hours and you can soak them up to 72 hours and some people just do like 12 hours but I don't find that they so properly within 12 hours some people even say eight but I like to do that 36 to 40 hours something like that for two hours so I've got one cup of raw almonds here if you want to do an almond milk you do 1 cup of our lives to 3 cups of milk now the stronger the less water you put in the more ischemic the more thicker it's going to become it's going to become more like a cream and today I'm making more like a cream so I'm going to do 1 cup of arms to 1 cup of water or maybe one and a half cups of water and that's going to be a lot a lot premium because I'm going to put this in a curry tomorrow so you need to really change the water every sort of 8 to 12 hours to make sure that they're not re soaking up the phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors that which are being released these have a negative effect on the body I stop the pain Chris from working and I stop the body from absorbing and anything that she's acidic is not good for you so we want to get them out watch than every eight to 12 hours and just you know in a sip using fresh water because they're going to absorb some of the war so you will clean garfield city luckily so I'm just going to rinse them down like that just bought myself a blender it's a German blender I've never used this one for you know I've never heard of it before we went to the local market the supermarket sorry and ended up buying this one at home I've got a very decent one this one was just 99 euros which is about 85 pounds or lining probably about 90-100 dollars and it's quite quite decent it's not massively high which is just like a thousand-watt but it's one point for 1.4 horsepower and i like the sounds of that so what I'm using here is I don't have a nut milk bad so I'm just using these these tights here they're just like ladies tights I pick them up there like 50 p or a pound or something and just stretch them over a cup a joke and once I've blended the water and the arms I'm going to pour it into there if you want some sweet armed milk and then you can put dates in at the same time but I'm not going to do that today you can put a couple of dates in and with the with the whole mixture lend up and make it sweet and you're left with a pope and you can use that pole you can dehydrate that pulp and make it into an arm and flower and if you make it sweet one then you can use that in capes and rotate saw dishes and things like that was really good I've tried that before I've done it on my last one it's really good and then you can add some salt in afterwards if that's what you want to do totally up to you so here are just going to mix in 1 i'm going to do one and a half cups of this we were really lucky but i was really lucky because we're dad's friend has got an almond tree and so these are organic mom's coming to the tree from this season so I'm very lucky to to go 111 and a half one and Porter make it fairly fetish wrong so I'm just going to blitz this up now [Applause] poison oh boy spit show you the harder heating it so she's working now probably do about a second or something you know the better and stronger the blender the last time you're going to need to do it but if you've got slightly weaker blend up and you're probably going to go kings go for a little bit longer well that's still going to work this one's good so you just got it all mixed up there just going to pour that straight in to this jar I've never done it like this before so hopefully it's going to work few bits in the bottom and it didn't blend up so well so maybe I should have gone a little bit longer perhaps pulsed it would have been a good idea but for the length of the video I didn't want to have you wait too long just give a lot of drops out there once so now you can probably leave that to to drip or you can earn just you want to do a bit quicker you see that's just dripping out of the bottom there like that [Music] you know these are great and smoothies if you like your hot chocolate so you cow or carriage you could warm some of this up with Cara and make like a hot chocolate you know if you're into teas and coffees and things like that and this is a great alternative it's a great alternative to cream you know this is a great base cream it's really tasty weird and creamy I'm not going to sit here and waste time blending all of that right now so I'm just going to pop that back in there I'll just sort of show you what it's like so there we go very quick very simple very easy to do and like I said you can go a lot stronger than this you could then thicken this up with chia seeds you can make a cheer pudding if you put this with chia seeds then I've got recipe actually on my Instagram page for cheer pudding so go and have a look at that the links will be left down below that's good you know it's really good really clean yeah if you're building your building muscles you want amino acids this is the sort of dream to go for put this in the smooth in your smoothies some maca powder for strength you know you don't put it in with the green drinks and things like that so it's a really good really good quick way to do it get some milk and i just thought i'd share it with you out of all of the nuts almonds are quite i like the taste of the armors the motional family they're not that abrasive to the body but as far as the nuts go what I'm finding is this actually the walnuts and eating a lot of walnuts the last couple of days and they're not having a very bad effect on my body whatsoever so I think walnuts are really a really mild nut for a ball as i said the macadamias I'm not a fan of at all cashews I won't even touch them they have a really bad effect of my body because they've been cooked before you can even the arms if they've been so different than sprouted they need you all right I'm a big fan of seeds and and also the mung bean I like the mung beans i'm just going to soak these for I'm soaking these 48 hours and i'm going to sprout them and I'm sprouting them by using this sock I'm going to put it over the top of this turn it upside down so the water drains out and the air gets in and then after two or three days they'll start sprout and they'll be ready for eating sow seeds what seed was I would be using sunflower seeds and you can do the same way a big fan of those but soaking is a massive thing for me I think it's really important to soak things if you're going to use them but again if you're detoxing and you're strict and when I'm strict don't use not so don't you see the don't use beans it's just is that there's a period which you go through which is about cleaning and when we using nuts and seeds and things there for building you know they actually play a large role in steroids acidic steroids so if you are having problems stimulate to realize in the genitalia area if you know what I'm saying they will give you one hell of a boost and I've noticed that that's definitely happened over the last a few days you can tell the difference in that so if you're looking to rebuild and strengthen then you it's about you know using the season the nuts that sprouted but I'm not fully detoxed in my opinion so thanks for joining me today I won't ramble on for too much longer I hope everybody's well
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