Oslo visit to Geir 17 Brew Crew Member 2016

User logged glamour goodness inside just pop the seal now Laphroaig is I've had I'm sure i'm sure i've had the younger it's a smoky pd right yeah we're from the Iowa the island of Iowa I actually own a piece around still I could you buy it there like one meter of land or something to eat your name buzz off one square feet oh maybe I read it on this thing you take this one and you get yourself your own piece of lamb now for the camera we can let you know that that's it's not just a piece of lamb we actually get to pull out now in order to collect ram do you have to go to the island of ireland and once you get there and you identify yourself every year you're entitled to one also you can begin you can require to see your piece of land and they will take you there they will equip you with boots and ran cold or whatever you need together we'll do that usually all 15 year over 15 years feet from over here oh yeah smells like a peat bog on fire Christine hey you smell you know we're not tasting for at least another 10 to 15 minutes yeah now don't let your nose.

Much back and slowly let it come to you don't think y'all.

One of the things people say this smells like is kind of like a careful and print campus Annique smell but once you understand and that's because of the Beatles yeah the females that are in it as part of the process of adding this smoke to the grains and stuff like that I mean what's your talent acclimatize is to this different flavor and aroma and stuff like that is not not that I'll stick to wine you do that you know when they speak in technical terms of how PD whiskey is they actually talk about the Phoenix they're talking about parts per million but you'll soon enough you'll find out that the killer he doesn't matter you can get the whiskey with the most parts per million kills it can get a completely different whiskey that as almost nothing compared to that and it will tase more p than the one that technically should taste more you what's a matter of I think it's what kind of peaks were kind of process who this the kilns are different the malting process is different some still use the molting floors they still drive the malt on the floor with the look beat there's a few different ways of doing.

Only a couple of distilleries and stuff are still doing along laphroaig is usually one of the most pini whiskey's you can get along with our day I'll find sketches yeah.

You know you mean. This is a little more fine than the 10 year old just calm down a little bit and it's easier to get get them all it's really nice I like you very much I like all the little frogs and this one. This is the first time i try this one.

Dams and there's smoking this you can get the smokiness a little bit later on yeah I'm getting more oak in this one compared to the other ones i've tried which is the 10 year old court of cast the QA cask and be 18 and get more open I it's going to be saved good choice you can join me q oh it's on zero now.

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