Out of the Box: Breville Barista Express BES860XL

Congratulations on the purchase of your Breville barista express now here's everything that comes with the unit you have your instruction booklet with some handy recipes at the back there.

Check them out as well as a reminder to register your product online at Breville calm and then we've got the Quick Start Guide espresso extraction guide and your cleaning guide.

Keep them handing in your unit as well.

We've got our sealed bean hopper the drip tray with the Handy clean me alert a little yellow alert at the front there and then the storage compartment for all your accessories then we've got the water tank that goes at the back your dual wall and your single wall filters tamper the charcoal water filtration system that'll give you a handy reference of when to change your charcoal filter the stainless steel frothing pitcher as well as the froth enhancer and then you've got all your handy cleaning tools here.

Out of the Box: Breville Barista Express BES860XL

I'll go through them in a sec but firstly let's assemble it and get going.

Put your accessories in then just put it right to the back and then gently slide in your drip tray with the clean mailers and then with your seven ounce bean hopper you just pop it on top and then lock it into place snap it in like there.

It's good to go pop in there and then put your seal on and then we're gonna just soak your charcoal filter for about five minutes and then you just snap it in like.

Pop it two months ahead before the alert of when to change your filter and place it in the water tank filled up with water and then with the Handy handle actually you can just wander back on here and then it clicks in.

I'm gonna use the dual wall starting out always start off with the dual wall it's it's the foolproof beginners filter slide it in just like.

And then put it in the grinding cradle ready for the espresso grinds as well as the tamper the magnet easily just slots into place like that you've got your frothing hand sir if you just want to leave your milk you can actually just leave it just like.

And then it'll froth that beautifully but if you like to have more control in your frosting I tend to just take this off and actually froth without it now the handy tool is this one here.

If you're having problems with steam coming out use this side of the cleaning tool to just prick the end there just to make sure that there's no hard milk that's caught up back there and if it's still clogged you use this part of it and just take off the bottom of the the steaming wand like.

And then just give this part a wreath in some hot water and that should get rid of any excess or hard milk and then you're good to go now to clean if you have the clean me look come on you to simply put in the cleaning disc as well as one of the discs right here and then you just just put it on like you would do in a normal extraction lock it in and then just press power and then the one cup and two cup.

Just press them down for five seconds and then it's gonna do a cleaning cycle for about five minutes now that your barista Express is ready please remember to go on to Breville comm and register your product.

We can give you faster and service should you have another question about your barista Express.

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