Overview of Epson's New TM-T88V's Thermal Printer

The latest generation of Epsons industry-leading TMT 88 series printer has evolved even further introducing the new Epson TMT 88 5 an industry-leading POS printer durable reliable and easy to use the TMT 88 5 printer is designed to be simple and easy to use the TMT 88 5 cover design helps prevent objects or liquids from getting inside and uses tough metal hinges for durability a smart durable design has always been one of the elements that sets apart the TMT 88 series printer from other printers when compared to its predecessor the TMT 88 5s head life has improved by 50% while both the auto cutter life and mean cycles between failure has improved by over 33%. This means that TMT 80 a5 is capable of enduring even the most demanding use greater speed with greater clarity the 300 millimeter per second printing speed is among the highest in the industry at 1.5 times that of the TMT 88 for the tremendous printing speed helps to eliminate customer waiting time the TMT 88 5 is now capable of multi-tone printing this improved ability to clearly show graphics like images logos or coupons can be a powerful promotional tool superior compatibility the overall dimensions of the TMT 88 5 remains unchanged making for easy replacement from earlier models in the TMT vd8 series using the smaller power supply box and cable cover together takes up less space than before PPS CEOs commands are fully compatible with previous models in the TMT 88 series when using a Windows driver with the TMT 88 3 or 4 it's possible to simply replace a previous model printer with the TMT 88 5 without changing the sistine customer applications not only does TMT 88 5 come equipped with a built-in USB interface it also allows you to choose from a variety of optional interfaces to fit seamlessly into an existing system placement monitoring and setup cables which use to exit through the back can now be routed under the base to exit out the front this keeps the back looking neat for the customer TMT 88 5 offers a range of drivers compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows Linux and Mac OS 10 TMT 88 5 has been qualified for the windows logo indicating its compatibility and reliability when used with the windows platform and because the windows driver supports 24 languages TMT 88 5 can easily be used around the world the installation package includes a wide range of drivers utilities and manuals for the TMT 88 Prime the Installer supports 24 languages and multiple operating systems for easy software installation the TMT 88 5 utility controls various printer settings relating to local registration font selection and paper savings the new utility allows a user to set up and monitor printers via network it's possible to confirm the printer status and the usage levels for both the thermal head and the auto cutter it's also possible to change the registered logo and settings for each printer the auto recovery feature for settings in the TMT 88 5 utility automatically restores logo data and other printer settings when replacing a printer.

Downtime is kept to a minimum by shortening the time necessary for printer replacements in the event of a breakdown ecology and conservation TMT 88 5 is the first thermal POS printer in the industry to qualify for an Energy Star rating the standby power consumption is among the lowest in the industry at about one watt since electricity consumed by receipt printer can mostly be accounted for by time spent in standby this low value helped to significantly cut down the printers overall power consumption the new top margin reduce feature cuts the receipt after it is already printed the logo for the next receipt this can reduce the top margin by around 12 millimeters when compared with earlier models by using the utility to adjust things like the top and bottom margins wasted line spacing and barcode dimensions the new Auto reduce paper feature is able to shorten receipt length without making any changes to existing applications the TMT 88 5 has evolved a great deal with a variety of new functions but as successor to the TMT 88 series it retains all that was great with the previous models leading the industry in POS printing the Epson TMT 88 5 exceed your vision Epson.

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