Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Love reviews here 4033 tower a tower 3 and fan and.

As you can see look very fancy look like a modern design you have three different fans here and not just one you have all the buttons which are touch i believe yeah that's very cool it's a touch you also have the small remote control that works on one battery i already put it inside you it comes with it you have a nice led em or I don't know you have a nice screen.

You can choose on and pressing on the same button it's also control the speed.

You have 1 2 and 3 3 is very strong hey I'm gonna put it on one because it's actually called a the mode is one it's small two is like blowing trees i guess and three is for night.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44

A it's kind of more quiet and it stopped by itself.

It stops and it runs it stops and it runs i don't know and you have the swing which is the auscultation and.

Let's put it on normal mode.

The auscultation is 90 60 degrees right now you have a small light here that shows that it's on a let me see swing there's only ok.

There's only one auscultation for fully or non auscultation you have a timer for half an hour hour hour and a half to two and a half three three and a half and for four and a half five five and a half or 60 total six hours out there continue six and a half and seven seven and a half. Okay.

You can control the timer to be up to seven and a half hours and what's the shift. Okay, I don't know what the shift does but I guess it controls and oh the shift controls different a fan.

You can actually control each fan to do a specific mode.

If i press on the shift and choose the second one fan too i can turn the fan to off i can factor and fans three off.

You can control which fan you want it to work you can work with one two three only three only two and let me find it interesting as you can see.

It's very cool and you have a lot of options it has the escalation and it looks very fancy and strong and sturdy and I really like it I love you like the design it looks like a nice speaker for home.

That's it that's for a theory three towers a fan Chris love out.

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